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The Google Trends App is an app made and designed to help you know what people are really searching for on the web. You get to know the topics and keywords that trend on Google. Now, looking at what this trend is all about. The Google Trends is a feature that shows you how frequent a word or term is the search for on the Google search engine. It can also be used in the aspect of keyword researches and other forms of researches. You can explore this service simply by visiting and making use of it. You can get started and discover the searches that are really trending on the web.

The use of this service is actually available on its web version and the mobile app. This means that you can access and make use of this service through your web browser or through the app installed into your device. The app designed and developed by Google has been able to work in ways through which people can also find out the rise or fall of a trend, related topics of trends, insights, and other amazing services. Let’s get down to it!

Google Trends App

Google Trends

Google Trends is a search feature used to check and keep track of the popularity of keywords that are entered and searched for on Google. For so many people out there, who may be into blogging and e-commerce, this handy tool is just right for you, in terms of searching for keywords pertaining to your niche.

To make use of this search feature, you will have to access it through the website or mobile app. However, you must have a Google account, as this helps you gain easy access to the use of this service. Right in this article, I will be referring you to the Google Trends App for your Android and IOS devices. There are certain amazing features that you would love to know about this app.

  • You gain easy and full-time access to high search trends from several different countries.
  • View and share articles.
  • View amazing news and updates.
  • Gain access to the latest stories and topics search on the Google web.
  • Preview article or check out images related to the search trend.

You just have to stay in touch to get more amazing features. These trends feature is currently available in countries like; Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Italy, India, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, United States, United Kingdom and more!

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Google Trends App Download

The Google Trends App download is currently available for smart mobile phones like the Android and IOS phones. Through your device’s play store, you can be able to access the app. But you should know that your Google account has to be signed to your device before getting started.

Google Trends App Android

  • On your Android phone, get on the Google Play Store.
  • Search for “Trends”.
  • The Google Trends exists as an icon with three white lines on a blue background.
  • Tap on the app and INSTALL.

After the download, open the app and sign in to your Google account if you are prompted to do so. You then have to choose your country or select different countries to get search trends from different countries.

Google Trends App IOS

  • Get on your Apple App Store.
  • Search for Google Trends.
  • You will find the app as an arrow having different colors.  
  • Tap on the app and click on GET.

After the download, open the app, sign in and get started with amazing trends, hot topics, and interesting headlines just for you!

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