Google Translate Offline – How to use Google Translate Offline

Do you know that you can use Google Translate Offline? Google Translate Offline is the process of downloading the languages Offline to be used with a Wi-Fi or Cellular network. You can simply download the languages onto your device, by doing so, you can use them with an internet connection. Google Translate is a free multilingual app for translating languages or texts. Google Translate is a service that was developed by Google. It offers a mobile device app which is compatible with iOS and Android devices and also a web interface. It supports more than 100 languages at various levels and service over 500 million daily users.

Google Translate Offline

Google Translate can pronounce the Translated text and also act as a directory for single-word input. You can use the Google Translate official URL at on your computer.

Functions of Google Translate

Google Translate can be used to translate multiple forms of media and text. Including Text, Images, Speech, and videos. Google Translate functions specifically include the below;

  • Translate can be used to translate written words or text.
  • Functions as a translator for translating a webpage to the language you want.
  • Can be used to translate a document to a language you want.
  • Speech Translations which translates a spoken language to the language you want.
  • Image translations which instantly identifies a text in an image and translates instantly next to the image.

There are functions of Google translate but the above are some interesting features too.

Google Translate App

As stated earlier in this guide, Google Translate has a mobile device app that is compatible with any device type. You can get the app for free from the App Store of the device that you are using. Follow the steps below to get;

  • Open the App Store on your device.
  • Scroll through the apps or use the search box and type in Google Translate and search.
  • Once the search results are displayed, tap on the first one at the top.
  • Tap on the Install button.

The app will be downloaded to your device immediately if you have a good internet connection.

How to use Google Translate Offline

Like I said earlier, to use Google Translate offline, you have to download the languages you want. Downloading languages to use offline is really simple. You can only download languages offline on the Translate App. Follow the steps below to do so;

For the iPhone and iPad;

  • Make sure to be connected to a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Open the App.
  • On either side of the page, tap on the language from the top.
  • Next, to the language you want, tap on Download.
  • You would be asked to download the language file, then tap on Download.

Once it has been downloaded, you will see downloaded next to it.


  • Open the Translate app.
  • From either side of the screen, tap the language.
  • Next, to the language you want, tap on Download.
  • You would be asked to download the file, tap on Download.

The language would be shown as downloaded once downloaded.