What is Google store facebook? This can actually mean a lot of things. In real life and to internet users it can actually mean two things depending on the user.  It can mean the Google play store for facebook download or it can also mean the facebook store. But in all fairness will be writing on the two for the benefit of those who don’t know about these.

Google Store Facebook - Facebook Store Feature

What Is the Google Play Store?

The Google play store is a Google app. in this Google app you will a list of apps. You get access to thousands of downloadable apps here. It is available on the web platform and also to android users. But it is not available to iOS device users. This is as a result to the fact that apple device users have their own app store called the apple app store.

To get access to the web platform of the Google play store you just have to visit it via your web browser. While on android devices the app is pre-installed on every device. all you need to do to get access to apps on this platform is to open the app on your device

What Is the Facebook Store?

The facebook store is a facebook feature where facebook users can conveniently sell their goods and items to other facebook users. Facebook users can also shop on this platform. As a facebook user you get automatic access to the store feature. The feature is free to use unlike other external ecommerce platforms. For you to be able to set up a facebook store you need to have a facebook page. This means that if you do not have a facebook page you cannot get access to the facebook store feature. So therefore before you can be able to use this feature you need to create your own facebook page first.

For you to be able to create facebook page you should know that you should be an active facebook user. What I mean is that you need to have a facebook account before you can think of having a facebook page. To create your own facebook account, go to www.facebook.com/sign up on your device.

 Once all these things are in place you can now proceed to setting up your facebook store. To set up your facebook store click on the add section tab option below your facebook page cover photo. On the next page you will have to follow the on screen instructions carefully to create your facebook store.