Play Store –‎ Android download

Google play store is an installed application that is operated by Google. This is an Android market for Android operating system. Where all android application is stored in other to ensures easy download.

Google play store comes on all android operating system. On Google play store a users can browser and download applications to his or her android device such as.

Play Store

  • Tablet.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Android TV.

There is no other official app store for Android apps. This is the official app store for all Android devices. Just like we have other app store for devices like IPhone, Blackberry, Windows phone and many more.

This is a digital distribution platform for applications. This apps are been developed by app developer around the globe. And it’s been published with the help Google on Google play store.

Are you mobile freak? Do you spend more time with your mobile phone? Do you use more of application software such as your social media application (mobile messenger, chat app, web browser and lots more)? Do you at some point need to send a mail?  Or are you a game lover? You can do without games.

Android device is the best device you should have. Be it mobile phone or tablet. This device enables you to take your games, movies, social media apps and other application software everywhere you go.

What Device Supports Google Play Store

Android devices are regarded as the smartest of all mobile devices. With the ability to carry out multiple task at the same time. This is one of the fastest growing platforms in terms of app development compare to IOS. That has been in the mobile world long before Android OS.

This is the only operating system. That has the full support of all the Applications on Google play store. There are two categories which are paid apps and free apps.

Ether paid or free apps can be downloaded on any android device through play store. You can make use of the search box to search for any application.

How to access and login Google play store

Majority of users that make use of this platform are game lovers. Statistics has shown that the highest number of digital files that are been downloaded on a daily bases are mobile games. There are millions of application available for download.

In other to gain access to these applications you need to have a Google account. Creating a Google account is free of charge. You don’t need to pay any fee.

But if by any chance you don’t have one you can visit to create one. Remember one account to all Google account.

  1. In other to access this app click on the apps icon.
  2. Search for play store on your app list.
  3. When you locate the app click on it to get started.
  4. Enter you Google account details to login.

You can login to this service only when you have an android device. As this app apps runs only on this platform. With this few steps you can start downloading your favorite Games and Application.

When you have successfully login to this app. You can start browsing for games and apps you love to download.

Google play store also supports updates on applications that are already installed on your device. So you don’t have to start a fresh download.

Updating an app cost lesser data size than when you are downloading the app for the first time. You can click on the menu icon by the left and select my apps & games to update your app. This is a unique feature that helps to save internet data.

This application makes use of internet data. Not because I said it has free applications. Then you think you don’t need an internet data to make use of this service.