I believe that you know what Google Photos is and what it is used for. You are a google platform user, you can access the platform. But those that do not have access to the platform, you cannot access the photos platform. Get more understanding or details about the header that is above this article.

Google Photos - Google Photos App | Google Website Photos

Google Photos

Now it is time to discuss the article more proper. And you will also understand what this platform is used for. This platform is a tool that is used to sharing and storing your photos on the platform. it was launched in the year 2015 and it is separated from Google+ which is google social network. It gives its users a limited storage capacity for photos that is up to 16 megapixels and also videos that is between 1080p resolution.

As a user, you can access this platform online and you can access it through your Gmail platform on the web. When you log in to your Gmail account, click the menu icon at the right top corner of the screen. Then click the “Photos” option and you will be taken to the platform. There is another way that you as a user can pass through to access the platform. But as a smartphone or mobile phone user, there is an app for it and this app can be downloaded.

Google Photos App

This app is available on the app store. This app is made for smartphone users and only for smartphone devices. To download this app, you just have to access your device app store and then search for the app by typing “Google Photos” on the box. You will see the app on the result page, click on it and download.

Google Website Photos

This website is meant for website users, and you can access it through the web by visiting www.google.com/photos on the web. And you can use the website to upload your photos into the platform. There is a way you can upload your photos to google with this tool’s website. All you need is to click on the upload link at the top of the page and select the photos that you want to upload and it will be upload instantly after you finish selecting the photos that you want to upload and which you need to click ok and that is all.