Do you want to travel but have no idea where you are going? Perhaps you might have heard about the pace but never traveled it before hence you do not know the route to take. Well, the Google Map Route Planner is just what you need in this case. With this simple tool, you can get the route to a destination along with the estimated time for you to get there. You can as well view and explore restaurants, hotels, gas stations, parking lots and some others more along with every bus stop.

Google Map Route Planner - Google Map Route

Yes, did I forget to mention that you can also make multiple buses stops on the way? You can add multiple directions using this tool and get the estimated time. If you are a delivery guy or you travel a lot then you really need this app. Using this feature on the Google map application, you can choose your means of transport after choose your start location and your destination. You can also change the routes to see the faster one and you can decide to travel by that route.

Get Started with Google Map Route Planner

Getting started with the Google map route planner requires no cost. The steps below will enable you to get directions and plan routes using Google map.

  • Open the Google maps application n your device or visit the online site
  • Hit the “Get Directions” button.
  • Enter your starting location by searching on the name of the street you are departing from.
  • Enter your destination by entering the name of the place you are going to.
  • Now look at the map and you should see your depart and destination location with a blue line drawing the route on the map. Simply tap the circles on the route and draw them around the screen to choose a different route.

I believe you already know that you must be connected to the internet for any of the steps above to work.

Google Map Route Planner Multiple Stops

Planning your different stops using the Google map route planner is simple.

  • Using the steps above, plan your route on the Google map route planner.
  • Once you have planned your route, tap on the plus button on the direction section of the screen where you see “Add Destination”.
  • Enter a stop by entering the name of the place you want to stop.

That is all, you should now see the changes made on the map and the estimated time. To change your destination to one of the stops you entered earlier, simply drag the location bottom of the routing chain.