Google Map Distance Calculator – Distance Calculator on Google Map

Google maps already have played a major role in the aspect of directing individuals. You can actually say Google maps have prevented individuals from missing their way. Even if they miss their way, the map could help them find their way back. Recently the platform has upgraded and it now has a distance calculator. This distance calculator is referred to as the Google Map Distance Calculator. With the Google map distance calculator, users can actually calculate the distance between two points or place. Let’s say, for instance, you can measure the mileage in a straight line point between two cities.

Google Map Distance Calculator - Distance Calculator on Google Map

You see, this distance calculator helps you know the actual distance so you can estimate the time you can get from one point to another. There are so many advantages to use this distance calculator. All you need to use this distance calculator is a Google account. A Google account also has so many benefits. With one Google account, you have access to everything Google.

Use Google Map for Distance Calculator

Using the Google map distance calculator is simple and free. Overall, it is fast. The steps below will guide you in using the Google map distance calculator to calculate the distance between two maps. Like I said earlier, you need a Google account, to begin with.

For Computers

  • Boot your computer and make sure it is connected to the internet.
  • Right-click on your starting point and select “measure distance”.
  • Tap on anywhere on the map you want to measure the distance between and you will see the distance calculation at the bottom.

The distance calculation will be displayed to you in miles and kilometers. Alternatively, you can drag the point or path you have measured before to changes it. Tap on anywhere else on the map to add another point. Also, you can click a point to remove it.

For Android

  • Open the Google map app.
  • Touch and hold anywhere on the map until a red pin appear.
  • Tap the named place at the bottom of the screen and select measure distance.
  • Move the map in such a way that the black circle or crosshairs are on the next point you want to add.
  • At the bottom right tap the add button. Add all the points till you are done.

Once the steps are carried successfully, you would see the calculation of the distance in miles or kilometers at the bottom of the screen. To remove the previous point, tap undo.

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