Google Map App – Google Map App Street View

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I know google map app is not something that is new to every one of us here, but if you are just hearing it for the very first time, there is a chance for you to know what google map app is. All you have to do is to go through this article that you are seeing here on your device. This article is so rich, you will find all about you want to know about google map app is and how you can get the app. To begin with, google map app or we can say google map, it is a map that helps to locate other areas or places in your country it also locates other countries around the world too.

Google Map App - Google Map App Street View

Google map makes it very easy and fast to move around the world. It is important because the google map directs you and show you where you are, with the help of an arrow. Google map is more like the paper map that we all normally make use of. But the reason why the google map is more preferable is that it is a live map that indicates your standing position, where ever you are going to, it tells you. 

Google Map App Measure Distance

Google map can do whatever includes location, it can be used to measure distance. For example, if you are a traveler. And you love traveling a lot and you want to make use of your personal car. You can use the google map to locate your destination from where you live. Or from where you want to start your journey. Everything about google map is easy and understandable. You don’t need someone to show you how you can measure your distance between you and where you are going to.

All you have to do is to access your google map on your device and click on the menu icon or button. In there, you will see an option which says “start driving” click on it and view the location you want to go to and click on it. Then the computer voice that is inside the google map will tell you the distance and the time you will arrive there. You can also find someone addresses with the google map, note that the blue arrow icon stands to represent you.

Google Map Application

We have been talking of google map since the beginning of this article, now let see if the google map has an app or application. The google map app has a newly designed google maps app. It is made available for Android, iPhone, and also Tablet devices which makes the navigation and exploring of your world go faster and easier. Like I have said, it is available to three devices which I have made known to you.

If you are an Android device user, you can get the app from the google play store. Or play store both worlds mean the same thing. As for iPhone users, you go your app store and you will be able to download the app there. The same goes to tablet device users. In some cases, the google map app comes with our devices be it Android, iPhone or tablet. The app is stored with the map on your device. But if you can’t find it, you can then go to your device app stores to get it.

Google Map Sign Up

After talking so much about google map. There is something you must do before you can make use of it. The only thing you must do is to sign up for an account. In this case of signing up is not like the way you use to sign up on other apps. Signing up on google map requires an email account. And this email account must be a valid email account and it should be your personal email. You can sign up when you access the app. Enter the email address on the sign-in page after clicking the menu icon. Go down to settings. You will find the sign-in option there. Click on it before you can sign in your email account on it.