Google hangout happens to be one of the services Google renders. Hangout is known as a cross-platform for messaging. Google hangout enables you to keep in touch with people through messaging, free video calls, and voice calls and also enables you to involve yourself in a conversation with one person or group of people using group chats. With no doubt, there are several messaging apps available presently but the Google hangout app is a messaging app that can never be sidelined.

With Google hangout, you can make video calls, connect with friends and families with an internet connection without having to dive into your airtime which saves you from unnecessary airtime expenses. On the contrary, Google hangout is now obsolete as it has been replaced by Gchat and Gmeet. However, one unique fact about hangout is that it is a multiplatform messaging app. In the sense that it is compatible with any device, you want to access it on. These devices include Androids, iOS, and also web.

Google Hangout app

The Hangout app is known to be another way by which the Hangout platform can be accessed. Also, the Google hangout app makes it easier for mobile device users to get easier access to sending messages, making calls, and sharing files which include pictures, videos, Gif, and many more. But before this app can be accessed on your mobile device, it has to be installed first. Here are steps you should follow to install the app on your device;

  • Open your mobile device app store
  • Using the app store’s search engine locate the app
  • Tap on the app
  • Click on the install or get button to process download

The app is available on any app store on your mobile device. But majorly apple or google play store which is for iOS and Android devices respectively. Therefore, to have faster access to Google hangout using a mobile device, follow the steps listed above to process the Google Hangout app download.

How to add Google Hangout to chrome

Because there is no app for Desktop devices, there is still an easy way by which Google Hangouts can be accessed using your desktop device. This is simply by adding Google hangout to your chrome browser. Which makes it easier for you to sign in to chrome anytime you want to. Here are steps below on how to add Hangout to chrome;

  • Open your web browser
  • Click on the app’s menu
  • Select web store
  • Locate Google hangout
  • Click on the Add to chrome button

After adding to Chrome, you can now click on the extension icon to locate it for use rather than visit the website. You can also pin it for it to be visible on the page. Then you can click on it anytime to reply to hangouts chat and call others.

How to sign in to Google Hangout

The Google Hangout sign-in process is however a very easy one and can be self-taught. Although as a new user you might be finding it difficult. Maybe because you expect to be taken directly to hangouts chat but the Gmail login appears instead. However, to use Hangouts, you have to first ensure you own a Gmail account as to login to Hangout, your google account login credentials would be required. If you already have an account, follow these steps below to process Hangout sign in;

Sign in via the app

  • Open the app after install is complete
  • Tap on the Get started button
  • Enter your email login credentials or select your email account if there is more than one account on your device.
  • You would be redirected to hangouts chat

Sign in via the website

  • Visit the website Hangout website
  • Enter your email
  • Click on the Next button
  • Enter your password
  • Tap on the Next button
  • You would be redirected into your Hangout account
  • Click on the message icon to start a Hangouts chat with anyone you want

If your email is already signed in on your device, once you visit the website or open the app, you would be signed into Google hangout automatically. But not on all occasions this happens. The reason is, you might have more than one account on that browser. Therefore, you would be required to select one account to use to sign in to Hangout.

In addition, you should ensure to always sign out your hangout account from devices not belonging to you. But note that signing out of Hangouts on a particular device doesn’t automatically sign you out of other devices you are logged in on. But your status would appear as offline after signing out.