How do I sign in to Google Forms? Or you’ve possibly not come across it before? Or you’ve got an account with them but having trouble signing in? Then, you’re on the right page. If you’re already familiar with Google Forms, you can feel free to skip the next sub-heading. But if you’re a first-timer, then here’s a quick introduction of what google forms are all about. In this article, you can access the simple step to Google Forms sign in.

Google Forms Sign In - How to Sign in to Google Forms

Google forms is a free survey tool that’s part of Google Suite and it is used for creating online survey forms. Google forms are among the internet’s most versatile tools. Maybe you need a contact form or a checkout page, a survey, or a student directory. A Google form is all you need to easily get that information. It only takes a few minutes to make one for free. When you need to get information for your spreadsheets, a Google form is your best partner. However, the Google forms sign in also referred to as Google Forms login is an authenticated page where you can access your form’s account.

Why Google Forms?

There are many reasons why Google forms is the special package that’s recommendable for your free survey task, here are some few reasons;

  1. You can access your form or your data from any Computer system connected to the internet.
  2. The package is easy to learn.
  3. Survey activities are automatically recorded in a Google spreadsheet, and can also be downloaded in several common formats

Advantages of using Google Forms?

Google forms are widely used to create surveys easily and quickly since they allow you to plan events, collect different type of information, and asking questions to your employees or clients in an efficient way. There are many other advantages and benefits gotten from using Google forms.

  1. Google forms allow it, users, to see how the survey looks like before sending it over to the recipients.
  2. Google form can be sent by email, combined into website(s), or sent as a link through social networks or any other means.
  3. With Google Forms, you can access unlimited questions and answers at no cost.
  4. Google form is a free online tool, that gives you access to collect information easily and efficiently.
  5. When using Google forms, you can create surveys in a few minutes to ask your clients information about your products or service.
  6. The platform’s interface is very easy and simple to use. Internet users with average knowledge can easily create forms using its tool.
  7. During your customization process, it is possible to choose between a palette of colors, as well as personal images as a background.
  8. For professionals, the type of data inserted into a field can be customized using regular expressions.
  9. Google forms stores the feedback received so we can review them in detail.

How to Carry out Google Forms Sign in

Based on the advantage of signing in to Google Forms, this also serves as a way of protecting your account. In the meantime, to carry out a successful Google form sign-in. Your Google form requires your sign-in detail which is your Google account login such as email address and password.

  • Login to your Google account and click on the ‘Google apps’ button at the top right corner of your Google page.
  • Select ‘Google Drive’.
  • Next, click on the multi-colored ‘+’ sign at the top left corner of the page.
  • A pop-out menu will appear, scroll down to locate Google Forms.
  • If it isn’t there click on ‘More’ to get the feature.

These are the following step you need to follow in other to successfully sign in to Google Form. Afterward, you can perform the activity of using Google Forms.