The google Facebook messenger is really a great app to behold for android users. The google facebook messenger has a lot of features such as an auto-update feature. Google Facebook messenger is one of the greatest and fastest texting apps for Android devices.

Google Facebook Messenger - The Messenger App

The google Facebook messengers are two in numbers but we would be talking about our main focus here which is the “Facebook messenger”. The other of the google messenger apps is the google Facebook messenger lite. I don’t really love this app like the way I love the Facebook messenger but what can I say. The Facebook messenger lite works on any kind of network that is at least 2g or higher. I know it may not sound true but that’s the truth.

Features of the Google Facebook Messenger

There are many features the google Facebook messenger comes with that I cannot list here but I would do my best and list out a few.

  • Easy game play with friends: the google Facebook messenger give you direct access to the instant games platform. You can use this messenger app to challenge your Facebook friends to play games with you. It does not matter where your friend is as you can even play Facebook messenger games with even a friend from another continent.
  • Business chats:  you can quickly connect with some of your favorite businesses, find more deals, make reservations, and even get customer support.
  • Sending and receiving of funds: this is a new feature on the Facebook messenger hence it is not available in some countries now. This feature allows you to send a payment request to your friends and also send them payments if you want. This is very secure and it is totally free.

Facebook messenger can be used for many other purposes but you need to be able to access it before you can use it.

How to Access the Facebook Messenger on Google

Before we talk about the accessing process, we all should know that accessing the app doesn’t mean using the app. to use the Facebook messenger app; you must own a Facebook account. a Facebook account is like a one way ticket to using Facebook messenger wherever you find yourself. Here is how to open a Facebook account on the web.

  • To quickly open a Facebook account, progress to the Facebook site that can be accessible at
  • When this page loads, scroll, down and you would see a sign up form. For anyone using a mobile device or any of the Facebook apps, you may have to click the sign up link on green background at the bottom of the page before you can see the sign up form.
  • For all user, fill in your last name, first name, mobile number or email address, and all other necessary information.
  • Click the sign up link at the bottom of the page to continue.
  • Verify your identity by proving ownership of your mobile number.

Continue by following the on-screen instructions to finish you sign up. After signing up, you can now download the Facebook messenger app from the google play store on your android device. To access the app,

  • Open the play store on your device and search for Facebook messenger.
  • Install the app with a blue chat icon and a white lightening running across it.

After installation, open the app by clicking on the green button on that same page. When you are prompted to log in, enter your Facebook account mobile number or email address and password and hit the sign in button at the extreme bottom of the page.