Majority of users using Gmail still don’t kwon how they can possible visit Google Drive Login page. Some don’t even kwon what Google drive is. They only make use of it whenever they are trying to send email with an attachment that is more than 25mb.Google Drive Login

Google drive is an online storage for electronic file such as pictures, video, documents and other media files. It is a storage space provided by Google for you to store files on their Server so as to gain quick access to this files whenever you need them.

Google Drive Login Process

To login to your Google Drive account you need an email and your password. You can only access your account using Gmail. You can’t use any other mail to login to your drive Account. If you don’t have a Gmail account you can sign up on Google has made it so easy.

When you have one account you automatically have all Google account. Creating a Gmail account gives you access to all Google account. So what are you waiting for sign up now it’s free. Below is how you can login to your account.

there is no special Google Drive Login page. its same as Gmail login page

  1. Enter the address using any browser, use chrome if possible.
  2. Enter your email and password on the two empty boxes.
  3. Click on the sign in icon.

The next page you see after clicking on the sign in icon is your Google drive Account. Note that if you have logged in to your Gmail account or any other account just click on the Google app icon and select the service you want to log in to.

These features are also available if you are using any browser. remember one account and password works for all Google account. You can also use this services if you are using a mobile device

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