Do you know that the Google Dashboard is very useful and helpful? The dashboard also means instrumental panel or splashboard. There are lots of things that Google users should know about Google. I believe you all know about Google and its features, but you haven’t got enough about Google. Now a lot of user doesn’t even know Google splashboard or whether something like it even exists. Well, I will be explaining what the dashboard really is and also how you can access it and make use of it. All you have to do to get the information is to continue reading.

Google Dashboard - How to Access Google Dashboard | Google Dashboard Login

With this dashboard, you can access your information on your Google account. Now a lot of users on Google don’t know where their information is been stored. Well yes, you can access your Google account and see things about your account, but not everything will be displayed for you. So it will be best if you access the splashboard on Google to get full information about your data, in order to provide you awareness of current performance taking place in your Google account.

What Is Google Dashboard?

Now I will like to explain in details, the dashboard lets users view and manage personal data collected about them by Google Inc. with a Google account Google dashboard allows users to have a summary view of their Google+, google location history, Google web history, Google Play apps, YouTube and lots more.

Now immediately you logged in, it summarizes data for each product the user uses. Also, provides direct links to the products. You should know that the only information shared with the Google dashboard includes information generated while one’s logged into an account. All data in the dashboard considered private unless settings change. With the dashboard Google, it allows users to control all the information that they provide and allows the data submitted to be purged from each app.

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How to Access Google Dashboard

Now before you can access the dashboard, you must first of all be signed in to your Gmail account. Well, this is the process most users find difficult. Now if you want to access your Gmail account then here are some steps to direct you on how to do so;

  • Go to the Gmail website,
  • Then simply enter your username.
  • Also, enter your password which is necessary and click sign in or log in.

These are the three steps that you must follow when you want to access your Gmail account on Google. Now once you have signed into your Google account, then you should select the Google account settings option in the top right corner of the webpage. Also then click on the dashboard link titled View data stored with the account. Now after you have verified your account password, you can now view the dashboard organized according to the products of use. You will now be able to view data associated with your account.

How Do I Clear My Google Dashboard

If you want to clear your Google dashboard then I will tell you how to. Now you can easily encrypt your data in Chrome’s browser settings, but also clear it. You will have to visit your dashboard on Google to clear your sync data from the Google dashboard. To clear it, scroll to the chrome sync section and click the link to “stop sync and delete data from the Google”. After that, you will then be prompted to confirm the deletion.