Most schools around the world don’t give assignments on Papers now they use the newly developed Google services called Google Classroom. However, the Google Classes is a free web online services which allow schools to create, distribute and grade assignment. However, the main and basic purpose of the platform is to share files among teachers and students in a school which is also called Google classes. Google Classroom works hand in hand with Google Drive for the assignment creation and distribution in a school. Which include Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides for writing which Gmail is for communication and Google Calendar for scheduling.

Google Classroom - How to Use Google Classroom | Classroom Login

Google Classroom allows the teacher to create a separate folder for their google classes in the aspect of each user’s Google Drive where a student can submit their work. And be graded by teachers and comments that could be made on this platform. However, google classes could be accessed from the official website on desktop and computer or through the mobile app. This could be download from the various app store for free on both Android and Ios respectively. All you just need to do is have a very good device and active internet connection then you will be able to get the assignment to send from the Teacher.

How to Use Google Classroom for Google Classes

In the modern world now most high school and college students make use of a device such as a Mobile phone, computer or PC. However, which means the student is ready to make their assignment done with Google Classroom immediately the teacher sends the assignment. Also, before you start to use Google Classroom you must have your google classes have to set up and students need to join. Here are a few steps on how to use the platform.

  • Add an announcement which is a good way to communicate with your class and give them up to date information.
  • Create an assignment, Quiz, question, attach material or reuse and old post where students get to work and create graded.
  • Organize your class with topics if you have different chapters, units, subjects within your class.
  • Grade and return work once students have completed work which you can provide feedback and grade the assignment.

How to Join a Google Classroom

Every teacher can make their student join when they post an assignment on the platform so the student will go on there to check the assignment. However, the student gets their assignment grade and get the result back on the platform. Here are a few steps on how to join Google Classroom.

  • Launch a web browser on either your mobile phone or computer.
  • Go to the official website.
  • Click on the “+” button in the top right to create your first class assignment.
  • Add information about your class.
  • Once your class is create, students can start joining it with the code given to you. Or rather invite students to your class by email.
  • Customize your Google Classroom.

Teachers can monitor the progress for each student and after been grade by teachers can return work along with comments for fun. However, Google Classroom apps are available for iOS, Android devices the app. Lets users take photos and attach them to their assignments.