Google Classroom is one of the most popular apps use for learning and teaching. It enables Learners and instructors to connect inside and outside of Schools. Many schools from across the world make use of the Google Classroom app to create classes, distribute assignments, review and mark assignments, communicate with their students, and many more.  The App is compatible with both android and iOS users. Also, it is completely free to download from the Google Play and App store. Google Classroom as you know can be accessed on your device through its official website by launching your web browser. But making use of the mobile app is more convenient, easy, and fast to use.

Majority of schools and organization across the world using the Google Classroom service prefers the mobile app. This is because the app saves you the stress of Launching your web browser over and over to join an ongoing class or create a class. You can quickly join or create an important class anytime and anywhere using the classroom app on your device. With the Google Classroom app on your application, teaching becomes purposeful, productive, and efficient. Besides, Google Classroom is absolutely free. And you don’t need to pay a dime but you will need a personal Google account to start using Google Classroom. You can start today by simply downloading the app on your device.

Can I Download Google Classroom for PC?

Definitely Not! You cannot download Google Classroom on your PC. Presently, the classroom app is only available for mobile devices and not available on desktops. You can only use Google Classroom on your PC via your web browser. The Only possible way to use the classroom room on your PC is to make use of an Android emulator like BlueStacks.

How to Download the Google Classroom App

Downloading the Google classroom apk on your android and iOS device is quite easy and simple to go about. Nevertheless, we will be showing you steps and guidelines on how to download the Google class app on your device. Here are the steps and guidelines to follow;

Google Classroom for Android

  • Open your Google Play store
  • Search for the Google Classroom App
  • You will be provided with options
  • Click on the App once found
  • Tap on the Install button
  • Once downloaded, launch and open the app

Download Google Classroom For iOS

  • From your iOS home screen
  • Tap on the App play store
  • Using the search bar, search for Google Classroom App
  • Result of your search will be provided
  • Tap on the app once found
  • Click on the Get icon
  • Once downloaded, Launch and open the app

Following the above steps and guidelines, you will successfully be able to download the Google Classroom app. Also, we will be letting you know how to sign in to your Google Classroom through the apk.

How to Sign In Using the Mobile App

In this part of the article, we will be discussing steps and guidelines to follow to sign in to the Google Classroom APk on your android and iOS devices. However, note that you will need your personal Google account to successfully sign in to your account. Here are steps and processes to follow to sign in to the Google classroom app on your android and iOS;

  • Install the Google Classroom App on your android and iPhone
  • Open the Classroom app
  • Click on Get Started
  • Then, tap add account
  • Enter the Google Account you will like to sign in with for the classroom
  • Input your password
  • You will be sent a welcome message, carefully read the message and click on Accept

Finally, you will gain access to Google Classroom via the Mobile App. Note, if you are using an Education fundamental account, you will need to answer whether you are a teacher or a student.