Owning a Business On Google is easy to manage and run in this century due to the invention of the internet. With the internet users can now carry out a business transaction online irrespective of their location. To do this, users have to use platforms that offer this kind of service. This is available to use on the Google business platform via supported devices.

Google Business Page - How to Set Up Your Google My Business Page
Google Business Page – How to Set Up Your Google My Business Page

Google business is a platform that offers users the opportunity to utilize Google’s service. This helps to manage their business presence online. This is a very handful tool for business owners trying to practice internet marketing. Users can practice internet marketing and master it on this platform with the help of Google services. The services include Google Maps, Google+, and many others.

Features Of Google Business

Using the Google business platform is very fun and easy to utilize. The platform provides options for users to use to manage their local business online. Users that run their business in a particular location at times find it difficult in getting potential customers. Well, the platform provides means for users to handle this issue. Users get to do these things on an account for improving their business online appearance.

  • Manage online business presence.
  • Interact with customers.
  • Attract new customers.

Each of the above things has an option to which Google my business account owners can use to achieve them. The above things help improves the business of its user in one way or the other. They are basically the three things users can do on this business platform to improve their online business presence.

Manage Online Business On Google Presence

One of the major things every Google business page owner must have is a good listing of items. Users have to ensure they enter their business hours, website, phone number, and location on the platform. This is the basic step of managing the online presence of a business on the platform. Users can always keep track of their business on the go using Google my business app.

Interact With Customers – Google My Business Page

Users of Google business platform, get to interact well with their customers in ways that will engage them. Users can achieve this by uploading photos of their business on the platform. These photo uploads have to showcase the business product and services of the user. While this is booming online users will get reviews that they will need to respond to on their business page.

Attract New Customers – Google Places

This is the major reason users make use of Google my business for all over the world. The platform provides options for users to acquire this for their business. Users get to improve the way their business appears online in other to get customers attention mostly new ones. While doing this, users can use Google analytics and ads tools to reach out to customers.

How To Register Business On Google My Business

Business owners in search of means to practice online marketing can use this platform to fulfill their dreams. To achieve this, users have to register their business on the platform. The registration process is free to carry out as long the user has an active Google account. Users with an active account can register a business with steps below.

  1. Connect your device to an active internet connection.
  2. Launch your device’s web browser.
  3. Open the website http://business.google.com on your web browser.
  4. Click the start now button at the top right corner of the Google web page.
  5. Enter the name of your business and click next.
  6. Select and enter your business location.
  7. Input the category your business belongs.
  8. Enter your business phone number and website.
  9. Choose options to get tips on how to improve your business presence. This step is optional.
  10. Click continue.
  11. Click mail to begin your business location verification process.

After the above steps, the users will receive a postcard containing five-digit codes. Users will have to verify their business location with this code. Users will not be able to enjoy the full service of the platform if they don’t verify their account. The verification option is on the sidebar menu on the Google business page. Users can unlock the full services of the platform using the code in the postcard.