Looking for how to advertise your business? Google AdWords is a very unique tool for advertising your business. What is AdWords? Google Ad Words is a platform that pays you by the number of times a user clicks on an ad. It is mainly used for advertising, whereby it enables advertisers to display their own ads on the Google search bar results page. However, google ads are used to build your business and engage your audience with your customer services to earn money.

Google AdWords - What is Google AdWords, Google AdWords Sign up

However, with Google AdWords, advertising your products is made easy. Besides, as a google ad specialist, you are entitled to so many benefits. Also, AdWords is very necessary for campaigning and advertising. For better and proper advertisement of your goods, google ads are recommendable to achieve your goals of showcasing your business to your audience or customers.

Features of Google AdWords

One of the things that makes up AdWords, is its amazing features. However, Google AdWords possesses some features which has made it one of the most used tools for advertising products in our present-day world. Some of these features are;

  • It enables you create ads with images.
  • Free access to the ad’s scripts.
  • It also has search terms report which can be used on daily basis.
  • It possesses search funnel report.

There are also other features on the website, why don’t you sign up for the website so as to enjoy the benefits of using Google AdWords for your product advertisements. However, for Google ad pricing, you only pay for the number of clicks you receive.

How to Create a Google AdWords account?

Creating an account on Google AdWords is easy. Although, it requires you to make use of your business Email address and website which is used for easy identification. However, Google Ads requires registration before being able to access the website and advertise your products. Steps on how to create or sign up for an account are hereby listed below;

  1. Firstly, ensure you have an email address and a website.
  2. Then open the google ads website
  3. Enter your email address into the space produced for it.
  4. After that, you would be asked to provide your website which is for enabling your customers to reach you.
  5. Then you can click on the continue button
  6.  Once done, sign in to your already created google account or you can create a new one.

You can also create a google ads manager account if you want to, although the procedures are not difficult. It is quite similar to the procedures of creating a normal google ads account. However, google keywords are also available on the site which you can access after creating an account.

How to Run Google AdWords

 Using Google AdWords can be self-taught. Though some simple steps, you might need to follow in order to make use of it. So, therefore, some of the steps that can be taken to be able to run or make use of the AdWords are listed below;

  1. Firstly, set your account in order.
  2. Then you should set up your budget.
  3. Look for keywords.
  4. Set up match types for your keyword.
  5. Put up your own landing pages
  6. Make your choices on which devices you want to bring to light.
  7. Create your own ads
  8. Then attach your account to Google Analytics.
  9. Click on the go and recheck in again.

In conclusion, note that the Google AdWords account cannot be created for people below 18. So, therefore, before you can access the website you must have attained the age of 18 and above to be able to signup for an account.