Are you been searching for an article that provides you with detailed information about Google account recovery? Then you are on the right track because in today’s article we will be giving the steps and guidelines you will follow to recover your Google account. Many users of Google have been finding it difficult to recover their Google account. However, the Google account recovery process is quite easy to go about. Although there are steps and procedures aware off. According to findings, some of the reasons why people need to recover their Google Account are because they have forgotten their password or username.

Google Account Recovery - How to Recover your Google Account or Gmail
Google Account Recovery – How to Recover your Google Account or Gmail

However, forgetting passwords is one of the most common reasons why people want to recover their accounts. And without emerging your Google Account Password, you won’t be granted access to your account.  You can, however, recover or reset your Google Account Password by visiting the Google Account Recovery page. The Google Account Recovery process can be carried out via the Google official Recovery website on your PC or Computer web browser. Or you can recover your account using the Google Gmail app on your android or iOS devices. Whether you’ve forgotten your Google Username/ email address or the password. You can check out the outline below for steps and guidelines to follow to recover your account.

How to Recover My Google Account

Recovering your Google account can be pretty easy. You can use your Google app, your recovery email, your phone number to recover your account. But if you do not have a recovery email or phone, it will be a little hard for you to reset or recover your Google account. so if you have the recovery email and phone number you can easily recover your account.

Google password recovery

For you to recover your Google password is not at all stressful and you do not need an expert to do that for you. You can recover it yourself; here are the key steps on how you can recover your Google password.

  • Follow the steps to recover your Google account
  • Answer the question for them to confirm it is your account
  • Reset your password when asked
  • Create a strong account, combination of alphabet and letters

Google Email address Recovery

Recovering your Google account can be pretty easy. So if you forgot your username or you cannot get a confirmation code. Follow the steps below to recover your google account. That way you can other services like Gmail, and Google Play.

If you forgot your email

  • Heed to steps to find your username
  • Enter your phone or the recovery email for your account
  • Follow the direction to confirm it is your account
  • A pop up of username that matches your account will appear
  • Check  for your account and enter your password

Once you have done this, you will be able to access your account any time you like. But if you did not follow this well you might still encounter some other problems