GMX Mail App – Download the GMX Mail App

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GMX is a branch of the united internet and happens to be among the topmost successful email service providers in the world. They guarantee optimum performance with data centers situated in Europe in early 2008. GMX mail has over 13 million active accounts, so it is definitely the email solution you have been looking for. GMX possesses a unique webmail system that aid in providing personal users, and medium-sized with the opportunity for a calm and expert communication decision. With all that said, GMX mail happens to make it easier for it users by creating the GMX mail app. There is definitely a lot you need to know about the app.

GMX Mail App - Download the GMX Mail App

Accessing GMX mail is easy when using the web, but with the app, it is a lot better. You can access it faster without having to enter the URL every time you want access to the platform. The email provider already can be accessed using any device or computer, including an application just made it a lot better. Plus the app comes with its own amazing features although not very different from the email you access using your browser.

Features of the GMX Android Mail App

The GMX mail is already packed with amazing features, now coming to the android app, you should know what to expect. There are lots of features on the mobile app that makes it smooth and easy for users to make use of. Some of the features of the GMX app include:

  • It is suitable for all android devices
  • Some of its handy features include pinch to zoom, full-screen mode, etc.
  • It has a fingerprint lock function (only available in Android 6)
  • It includes advanced encryption security technology (TLS, SSL)
  • The app aids you in attaching more than one photos in mails
  • The app has a customizable quiet time. This enables you to silence your notification to include concentration when needed

The GMX mail app was designed with the customers’ needs at the forefront. All the features included were specifically enhancing your email experience on android devices. Once you have the app on your device, everything concerning your email would be swift and a lot better.

There are several other amazing things you can do with the GMX mail app. It includes; receive and reply email faster; you get to manage your whole contact whenever you want to; book an appointment and give sharp response to urgent requests while you are busy. You can also send a shared email to multiple recipients and much more. All these are just some of the features you get to experience when using the app.

How to Download the GMX Mail App

Downloading the GMX mail app is very easy. There are several ways to acquire the app but since it is mainly for android devices, you can easily get it from Google play store. Just open the play store, search for the mail app by entering GMX Mail App on the search bar and click install to get it up on your mobile phone.

This app is available on all platform including Andriod and iOS as this now depends on what platform you want to make use of the app on. It is best advised that you don’t try to download the app from an unknown source as it may have been tampered with.