Gmail is an email service designed to offer a free way where people can communicate with friends, family, and colleagues through messaging. Gmail allows you to have multiple email account as your want. Even existing email users can also create a new account. For you to create your own Gmail account you need an email address or Gmail will make an effort to create one for you. Gmail sign up new account is a registration process that enables you to create a Gmail or Google account. For new users that want to create a Gmail account, the create new Gmail account also known as the Gmail sign up page is the first place you visit to set up your Gmail account.

Gmail Sign up New Account - How to Create a New Gmail Account

When creating your Gmail account you also need a Google account after that you will be asked some necessary information such as name, date of birth, gender, and where you reside. You also be asked to choose a new name for your Gmail account. Successfully done that, you will be able to add contacts to your account.

Why Should I Create a Gmail Account?

There are a whole lot of reasons why you should create a Gmail account. You can easily access your Gmail account with any device that has internet like your computer and mobile app. You can create a lot of space in your messages so instead of deleting them you can actually move them to your email account, helps in organizing your inbox, allow you to create the feel and look of your account, and many more. So keep scrolling and don’t stop reading, below are ways to sign up for your Gmail account.

How to Create a Gmail Account

Setting up a Gmail mail account can be very easy if the steps you are given are followed strictly and takes little time for the process to be completed. It is also free whether you want a new Gmail with a new username or the other way round. Follow the steps below to create your own Gmail account now.

  • Visit the website
  • Click on create an account
  • Enter your email or forgot password, if you have one and click on next
  • Enter the required information for sign up, click on next
  • Thn, enter your phone number to verify, for security reasons
  • Enter the code for verification sent to you, to complete the process
  • Type your personal information
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Your account created successfully

Once you have already created your account you will immediately sign in to your Gmail account. When using a computer that is not yours, you will have to sign in and out which is extremely important so as to prevent others from logging into your account.

How to Sign in to my Gmail Account

Signing in to your Gmail account will be through your Google account, email, phone number, and password. If signing into your Gmail account is a problem or forgetting your password simply click on the forgot password and reset the password after entering the code sent to you. Steps on how to sign in to your Gmail are as follows;

  • Install and open the Gmail on your mobile device
  • Tap on the sign in button
  • On the next page tap on Google
  • Tap on continue to allow Google sign into your account
  • Follow the steps to login

After successfully signing in you can login into your account anytime you wish, and if it is on your mobile phone you have logged in automatically and do not need of typing your password to login to your Gmail account.

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