Gmail sign in is the fundamental process that gives way for you to access the free email service which provides its users with storage for messages. Moreover, it also enables the ability to search for specific files, mail, or documents to send. Gmail Sign In connects to all other google platforms or apps such as; drive, google calendar, google docs, and so on. Basically, when signing in to your account, this will able to check your inbox, you can get more out of google play at work or school.

Gmail Sign In - Sign in to Your Account on Desktop or Mobile

How to Sign in to my Gmail Account

Ways in which Gmail Sign In can be accessed are two which include signing in on the web and also through mobile devices. Here are the following steps in signing in Gmail account on your computer and on the mobile app:

  • Visit Gmail on your web browser (google chrome, Mozilla Firefox or even Microsoft Edge)
  • Enter your email in the text field provided on screen
  • Input your password
  • Click on the ‘next’ icon

You are successful Signed in when you’re done clicking. Logging in on your mobile device;

  • Click on the Gmail app on your iPhone, iPad on android device.
  • Enter your email in the space provided for it
  • Also input your password
  • Tap the ‘next’ icon at the bottom of your screen

You are absolutely good to go on exploring your Gmail account. Note: if you use an android phone, you definitely need a Gmail account to set up your Android.

How to Secure your Gmail Account

Due to the range in which many Gmail accounts are being hacked, the following are some tips to acquire a safer and more secured Sign In to your account.

  • Doing a security check up: This helps get personalized security recommendation for your Gmail account.
  • Make sure you always keep your software updated
  • Never forget to use a unique and strong password.
  • Signs and numbers should be included, not just words all through.
  • Enable your account is being protected from suspicious messages and contents.
  • Keep your mobile phone number active.
  • Ensure to add an additional phone number to help restore your account.

NB: two or more Gmail accounts can be managed on your device. To Sign in another Gmail account (while one has already been registered), all you need to do is click on ‘add account’ on your screen.

Two-Factor Authentication

This is a security feature that makes your Gmail Sign In far more difficult for an unauthorized user to access your account without your knowledge. Your password should not be disclosed to anyone and enable you to sign out when using a computer that you share with others. Your Sign In attempt will be needed to be confirmed each time your account is tried to be accessed from an unrecognized browser or mobile phone. This happens when your Two-Factor authentication set up on your account.