Do you want to log in to Gmail as a different user? You should try the Gmail login different user. Although it is still the same as the normal Gmail login, using a different option known as “Add Account” to sign in to another email account. Majorly this allows you to be able to manage multiple email accounts on one device. Google integrated the feature on it email platform giving users opportunity to control and manage different email without having to log out from your current email account.

Gmail Login Different User - How to Sign in as a Different User in Gmail

Furthermore, the Gmail login different user accounts via Gmail login helps you to log in to your Gmail account on the same device as a different user. You can also log in to your Gmail account as a different user on another device. Before, the method which a user uses to log in to another Gmail account requires signing out of your previous Gmail account before having to sign in to a different Gmail account. But now, google mail has made it easier for a different Gmail user to log in by accessing the “add account” link to switch accounts easily and very fast.

How to Process the Gmail Login Different User

The Gmail login different user is an easy procedure to managing multiple email account the includes Gmail account and non-Gmail account. Most especially when your other account or the other account you want to sign in to is already logged in on the device. If your Google account is already signed in on the device and you want to add another email account. All you have to do is click your profile and then select the option “Add another account”. Here are steps by which you should follow to process the Gmail login different users;

  1. Click on your profile at the right-hand side of your Gmail account.
  2. Then click on the add account link.
  3. Enter the other account information.
  4. Then save info if you want to access the account next time without a password.

With Gmail login different user, you can add as many accounts as you want. After successfully signing into your Gmail account, you can easily switch to any account without logging out. However, the Gmail login for different users on the mobile app is the same as the Gmail website.

How to Remove Multiple Gmail Account on Device

Login Gmail another account is safe on a trusted device. But for a general or public device, you can process the Gmail login different user but ensure you remove your account from the device to avoid hacking or unrecognized logins. You can remove your account after following the Gmail login different user process to access your Gmail account by following these steps;

Mobile Phone or App Users

  1. Click on your profile.
  2. Click on the “manage account on this device” link.
  3. Select and click on your account.
  4. Click the remove account button.

Website for Desktop Users

  1. Click on your profile at the top right-hand side.
  2. Then click on the “sign out” button.

With the above-listed steps, you can remove your account from generally used devices when you are done accessing the account. This is to protect your Gmail account from strange users, unauthorized logins, and Gmail account hackers after accessing the Gmail account login different users on a public device.