Unarguably, Google Mail otherwise known as Gmail is one of the most popular and most used Free Emails with a wide number of users from across the world. The email service provides its users with top-notch features and services and that is why over a billion users globally use the email service. But after carefully done research, many people with a Gmail Account don’t exactly know how to Sign in to their account. Therefore in this article, we shall be providing you with step-by-step guidelines to Gmail Email Account sign in.

Gmail Email Account Sign In - How to Log Into Your Gmail Account

Just like every other email provider, Gmail has a Sign in which allows its user to access their Email Account using their correct Credentials. These credentials include, your Gmail Mail Sign in Username and Password. You can either sign in to your Gmail Email Account directly from its official website through your computer or mobile device web browser or you can download the app to get started. Signing in to your Gmail account does not only allow you to access your mails, calendar, and inbox.  Also, you can easily make use of other Google Products such as Google Meet, Doc, Drive, YouTube, and more. Check out the next outline for steps to access the Gmail Email Account Login.

How to Sign in to your Gmail Email Account

Meanwhile, signing in to your Gmail Email Account is easy, fast, and simple to go about. But you will need the right credentials to successfully gain access to your account. As mentioned, your Gmail email account sign in Credentials or details is your username and Password. It is also important to note that, you will need a desktop or mobile device and a stable internet connection. To log in to your account using your computer or mobile device, check out the steps below.

Gmail Email Account Sign in On Computer

  • Open your device’s web browser
  • Visit the official Login page of Google Mail
  • On the sign in page, you will be prompted to enter your credentials
  • First, enter your Gmail username or the Phone Number connected to the account
  • Also, enter your Gmail Password
  • Lastly, tap on the Sign-in icon

You will automatically be logged in to your Gmail Account. Note that; if your Login information has been filed before, you will need to click on USE ANOTHER ACCOUNT to access your other Gmail account.

How to Log in to Google Mail Using your Android or iOS Device

  •  Download and install Gmail App on your respective device
  • Open the app and tap on the Log in icon
  • Enter your Username or the mobile number associated with your account
  • Also, enter your password and tap on Login

If you are already logged in to Gmail and you want to access your new Gmail account on your mobile device, follow the steps below;

  • On your Android or iOS device
  • Open the Gmail App
  • On the homepage, click on your profile picture or icon at the right top corner
  • Select  ADD ANOTHER ACCOUNT and click on it
  • You will be provided with a various accounts, tap on Add Gmail
  • Enter your new Gmail username or mobile number and Password
  • Then, click on Sign in

After following the above steps and guidelines you will be verified and granted access to your Google Mail Account where you can check your Inbox, Doc, Drive, Calendar, and a lot more.

How to Set Up a New Gmail Email Account

If don’t have a Gmail account, no need to worry, you can set up a new Gmail account and it won’t even take much of your time. Besides, it is free to create a free Gmail account, and here is the step by step guidelines to follow;

  • Visit the official website of Gmail On your web browser
  • Click on Create an Account
  • This takes you to the Sign up page
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Also, enter a unique username @ Gmail.com
  • Create a Strong password and tap on NEXT
  • On the next page, enter your Phone Number
  • A verification code will be sent to your Phone
  • Enter the code to verify your account
  • You will need to enter your personal information such as recovery email, your birthday, and gender
  • Read through the terms and conditions of Google and click on AGREE

After carefully following the above steps and guidelines your new Google Mail Account will be created and you will get access to it. You can proceed to start sending and receiving mail with your friends, family, and loved ones across the world.