GitLab is an integrated web-based Git repository manager which uses an open source right. This GitLab Inc. developed portal is used to code, test and deploy codes together. It features easy access controls, code reviews, issue tracking, activity feeds and wikis.


Over the years, GitLab keeps growing as the number of its contributors expanded.  The platform now has millions of users and thousands of organization using all its digital contents. These are not just small organization that make use of their services. Below are just a few of them.

  • IBM.
  • Sony.
  • NASA.
  • Alibaba.
  • Invincea.

There are other organizations that also make use of their services. provides free SaaS for public and private repositories. One thing I have noticed about this platform is that the code is written in Ruby and Go.

Gitlab is a web software which has it url as which is the official web address. This software makes use of an open source license by it parent company Gitlab Inc. As said by Wikipedia this is a free and open source software.

Gitlab Website

There is more to just visiting this website. On the website, there is various menu section for easy navigation for new users. The menu best describes the products and services and also supported apps. Below is the menu section on main menu.

  • Download.
  • Features.
  • Products.
  • Community.
  • Blog.
  • Explore.

There is also a section for both new and existing users. This is where a user who wants to either login or sign up for an account can get this done. Also, note that there is a search box section where you can make a quick search on web portal.

Download & Features

This is where the user can gain access on how to install gitlab ce and ee Omnibus on his or her preferred operating system. By click on the download icon on the menu gives you access to four major Omnibus packages which are highly recommended. These are Omnibus packages namely Ubuntu, Debian, Cent OS, OpenSUSE, and Raspberry Pi2.

There are also other official methods such as Docker, Kubernetes, RedHat Openshift and lots more. There is also a community contributed section below. The user can also view third party applications that support gitlab. You can read more about the and how source code can be consolidated.

There are also some helpful tools to help track and manage releases. This helps to track issues and monitor progress on you releases with just a single tools. There other matrices on how to track issues. The user can also increase code quality, review and other powerful diff tools. There are lots of valuable features such as test, build, and deploy your code.

Gitlab Sign Up

As a new user, you can’t get access to all sections on this platform when you sign up for an account. Creating an account is just so easy. There are some basic requirement for the¬†gitlab sign up process. Below is the sign up process on setting up an account on gitlab.

  1. Enter the url as on the section for web address.
  2. The sign up icon is at the top right section click on the sign up icon.
  3. Fill in all your personal information such as Name, Username, Email, and password.
  4. Once you have entered your information correctly click on the register icon to complete the process.

Signing up for on this platform is free and open to all users. User can also sign in using their username or with other linked social platforms like google, twitter, github and bitbucket.