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Posted by is an AOL web portal for games. The user can gain access to millions of games when they visit using their web browser. This is one of the most reliable platforms where users can play games on the web.

We all know AOL as an email service provider with it acronyms as American online mail. is a subsidiary of AOL which is the game section on AOL web platform for gamers. This is where all user who has an account on can access free online games brought to you by AOL.

Type of Games on

On user don’t need to install the games on their device. It contains strictly online games that can be played only on a web browser. The games on are not just restricted to PC. They are all compatible to work on any device that has a web browser.

All games on this platform is free such that user is only required to login to AOL mail account in other to access this games. This is free gaming portal with various categories of games such as.

  • Casino.
  • Puzzle.
  • Card.
  • Board.
  • Strategy.
  • Action.

Each category has various games that can only be played via the web browser. This is one of the top free online games platforms where users can play their favorite games online. But take note that this is an online gaming platform. Requirements

There is no specific requirements for a user who want to visit this platform. But there some basic criteria for a user who want to get access to start playing this online games. This is just two basic things in other gain full access to the games on web portal.

  • Internet connection.
  • AOL email account.

If you don’t have an account you read about AOL webmail sign up. This we guide you through the account setup process. Note that games on portal required an internet connection. Without internet connection user will not be able to play any game on this web platform. Login

If you already have an account on AOL platform. You can always login to using AOL account login information. This is fast and easy lets get started with the account login process.

  1. Launch your web browser on any device and enter or on the URL section of your browser.
  2. If you are making use of PC place your cursor at the left side of your browser and click on login / join icon.
  3. On mobile phone click on the menu icon at the top left section above the search box and click on login / join icon.
  4. Enter your AOL username or email and password in the password section.
  5. Click on the sign in icon below to complete the sign in process.

Note that you can always check the box that says remember me if you are using your personal device. You can also add to your bookmark so as to make it easy whenever you want to visit the portal again.

Add to Your Bookmark

When you visit the web portal for the first time you get tips on how to add to your bookmark. This is a very helpful tip that makes it easy for you to always access this portal.

You can always save web page to your bookmark section on your browser. This we help you save time whenever you want to visit this page again.

How to Add to Your Bookmark

  1. Click on bookmark at the top section on your browser. Or you can simply click on the bookmark icon.
  2. On the bookmark menu select bookmark this page to complete the process.

If you are using Google Chrome browser you can click on the star icon at the top right section to bookmark this page.

How to Play Online Games on

This is a web platform open to all users who are game lovers. You can actually play games on this portal for free at no cost. Here is a guide on how to play games on web portal.

  1. Launch your web browser on your device be it PC or Mobile device and enter in the address bar section.
  2. Select the category which the game you want to play falls.
  3. You can use the search box to search for a particular game.
  4. Click on the game in other to start the game.

If you have not login to your AOL account you need to login. This is a platform that allows a user to sign in to their account in other to keep game records such as score. If you don’t have an mail account you need to sign up for one.