Gaana Song Tamil – Download Free Tamil Songs

Do you love Tamil songs and then you are looking for a website to download them? Have you tried Gaana? Gaana is a music website that offers different songs for you to stream and download for free and Tamil songs aren’t left out. Tamil Songs on Gaana are so many and you can even find your favorite there.

Gaana Songs Tamil - Download Free Tamil Songs

So, you should visit this music site today and get the best Tamil songs on the internet today. Songs like Showkali, Idhu Naal, Rasaali, Avalum Naanum, Thalli Pogathey and a lot more. The site is free and has no restrictions. Besides, you do not even need to subscribe to use this platform to stream Tamil songs.

Gaana is a website that offers so many Tamil songs majorly from Chennai and India. So that means on this site, you can get as many Tamil songs as you want. Besides, the site even has over 200 million users in a month. And you can also so it is one of the largest Indian music streaming sites.

The site (Gaana) allows you as a user to create playlists that you can also share with everyone that comes to stream and download from Gaana. Additionally, it has a mobile app that you can download for your Android, iOS, and Windows devices. So now you can see that this music platform is a good and reliable one.

Is Gaana Song Tamil Free?

Yes, they are free for you to download. And you can download as many of them as you want. Aside from downloading from the web, you can also stream the songs online on the website for free. However, if you are looking for the best Tamil songs you can download and stream them for free. I think the Gaana music site is the best to visit as it has thousands of Tamil songs you can stream and download online for free.

Best Tamil Songs on Gaana

What are the best Tamil Songs you can find on Gaana? There are so many unique songs in this language on this site. And your favorite song which you can find is sure the best song on this site. But if you are looking for news songs to listen to on this site, I can recommend nice songs for you. So as for you to visit this site, listen to them, share your review about the songs and download them if you like them. Here are some of the best songs on this website below;

  • Adiye
  • Tum Tum
  • Naattu Koothu
  • Oo Solriya Oo Oo Solriya
  • Saami Saami
  • Srivalli
  • Arakkiyae
  • Cute Ponnu
  • Bodhai Kaname
  • Koelae
  • Adipoli
  • Natpu
  • Adi Penne
  • Pachigalam Paravaigalam
  • Thaarame Thaarame
  • Chaka Chakalathi
  • Thooriga
  • Little Little
  • Yaen Ennai Pirindhaai
  • Jigidi Killaadi
  • Manike Mage Hithe

These songs are some of the top songs you can stream and download on Gaana and also have fun listening to. Though, there are still more of them. You can just visit Gaana at its official site, search out these songs, stream them and also download them. You can also explore the site to find more interesting Tamil songs online.

How to Download a Tamil Song on Gaana

Downloading Gaana Songs Tamil is very easy to do. All you just need is to have an internet connection. Then you can download and stream as many Gaana songs Tamil as you want unlimitedly. In addition, aside from browsing this type of song on your own on this music website, you can also go through other users’ playlists and find these songs. Then you can download as many as you want unlimitedly. Also, for easy location of Tamil songs on this platform, you can create a playlist and allow people to see it so they can also download too. Here’s how to download Gaana songs in Tamil below;

  • Visit Gaana’s official website @
  • Enter any Tamil song you would love to stream and download into the search engine
  • Click on the search button
  • Select the one you would love to download from the search result
  • When you click on it, it would start playing immediately
  • Then if you want to download the song, click on the menu icon beside the favorite icon
  • Select download from the listed options.

Once you have done this, the download would begin automatically. You can now download your favorite Tamil music on Gaana. And then you can enjoy streaming it offline. Also, if you want to explore more Tamil songs on this website without ad interruption, you can click on the Go ad-free or get ganna plus to subscribe.

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