Flipkart is an online shopping organization like Amazon. It was established on October in the year 2007 and was created by Sachin bansal and Binny bansal. Flipkart allows payment method such as cash delivery, credit or debit card transition, net banking, E-gift voucher and card swipe on delivery. The companies headquarter and also where it started from are Koramangala, Bangaluru and Karnataka which was established by two head workers who left from the biggest shopping company called Amazon.

Flipkart - Online Shopping at Flipkart.com | Flipkart Online Shopping

This organization has a very rapid growth from 150 orders per day and 5 years later they started having up to about 80,000 orders per day. It is the biggest Indian shopping precinct where users go to order things they want online. The fantastic thing about Flipkart online shopping platform is that users can get in touch with their friends and family with the “ping” section of the Flipkart mobile app. Users can also have the access to chat with their friends and family and also post an image of what the user is buying.

Categories of Flipkart

One thing I love about Flipkart is that it has a well-organized navigation and structure. Where by users can easily click through and fine the product or items they are looking for. This is due to the large numbers of products that are available on this portal. The categories of Flipkart allows the users or buyers to pick up what they need from their various category such as.

  • Electronic.
  • Appliances.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Home & furniture.
  • Book & more.
  • Automotive.

Features of Flipkart

The user can use these various categories under  the categories  above to search for various Flipkart offers such as Mobile accessories, Mobile, Smart Watches and Wearable, TVs, Audio and Cameras, Personal Care Appliances, Health Care, Gaming, Smart Home Appliances. Men, Women, Kids and Baby, Personal Care Appearance, Health Care and Fitness, Food and Nutrition , Home Furniture, Kitchen and Dining, Furniture, Household Supplies, Home Decoration, Home Cleaning and Organization,  Pet supplies, Cars and Bike care, Car interior & Exterior, Tyres, Lighting and Styling, Spares and Breakdown, Lubricants & Oils, Books , Musical Instruments, Pens & Stationery, Music and movies.

Flipkart has more information about a particular product. like for example, a shoe, it tells about the color of the shoe, the gender to use it, the size of the shoe, and the type of material used. This is more like a review and buyer can read more like rating to see what other who has bought the item said about it.

A user can also comment, rate and review a particular item. So when other users wants to purchase such item they can get full confidence that yes it is a good product or item.

The user can select the range of the money they would like to spend on the product they want to buy it varies from 1000 Rs and below to 35001Rs and above. But the higher the price, the better the quality

Benefits of Flipkart Online Shopping Platform

This is one of the most reliable online stores in India where a buyer can order a product with full confidence. You can buy a product or an item right from home with a click of the item or product. These are the reason why users should visit Flipkart

  • It is very easy to get to the website and it faster for the buyer buying at the local store which could be very stressful and time-consuming.
  • It is safer than buying physically which lead to robbery, fraud or no refunds when products are bad few days after purchase.
  • The user can easily order their products and get it on their doorstep in just a click.
  • Users can get special offers when they pay faster and discounts when you buy so many things from Flipkart.
  • A user can search for the type of product they want specifically. And there are lots of options and choice with an easy to use a search bar.

Flipkart Sign Up

For users who want to get product or item online on Flipkart portal. They all need to create an account that will enable Flipkart to manage their orders and activities. Any who want to purchase any from on Flipkart needs to complete the sign up process. Users need to sign up in order to have this great online shopping company on their mobile as well. These are the steps given below

  1. First, go to the official website www.flipkart.com using a web browser on your PC or mobile Phone.
  2. The sign up icon is located at the top right corner of Flipkart online shopping site. Click on the sign up button on the menu bar.
  3. This is a secure platform that required user mobile number for verification. The user has to enter his or her phone number.
  4. After a while, the user will receive an OTP (one time password) for user validation.
  5. Then the user will need to enter the same OPT with his or her phone number and password.
  6. Enter your email and password and then click on the sign up button.

This is a free process that does not require users to pay any fee in other to complete the sign up process. By completing the above steps you have successfully sign up to Flipkart.com portal.

Flipkart Login

This is a very easy step. Note that only registered users can make use of the login section. If you have not registered for an account you can read the sign up tips above. You need to sign into Flipkart in order to gain access to their services. These are steps given below.

  • Launch your web browser and enter www.flipkart.com in your address bar of your web browser.
  • Then a new page will appear on your screen either to sign in or sign up or you can click on the login icon at the top right section.
  • Enter your password and email address or mobile number in the login feed.
  • Now click on the login icon to login to your account.

There are other login alternatives for fast and easy login access. Users can login with their Facebook ID or Gmail ID. Two buttons will appear on login page for users to login through their social account.

Flipkart Mobile App

One good thing about this platform is that they also have an app just for mobile users. This is to ensure that users can easy browser this portal with ease. Most mobile phones and mobile web browser app has restrictions on what pages they can open.

Users can make use of the Flipkart mobile app or mobile web version to access this portal. There is more to what a user can do with the mobile app. With Flipkart mobile app users can enjoy Happy shopping, smart search, Never miss an offer, one-touch wishlist, and lots more. Users can browse and shop within the app at ease.