Basically, you might be looking for someone, and sometimes, looking at their hidden friend list seems to be the only way. You see, living a private life on social media especially Facebook is what people are often doing. Since the feature to hide your friend list was enabled on Facebook, quite a number of users have been using the feature. This pops the question, How to see someone’s Friends on Facebook if they are hidden in 2019? Probably your answer is no considering the fact that you are reading this article.

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Upon your conclusion of this article, you can be guaranteed that you would have learned how to see someone’s Friend on Facebook if they are hidden in 2019. However, before we proceed to that, you must know that you need a Facebook account. I think it is time I made clear to you that this article is only a review of how you can see the hidden friend list of Facebook users. It is highly advised that you do not misuse this information.

Facebook Registration

Registering for a Facebook account is the first step to view the hidden friend list of a Facebook user. However, if you already have a Facebook account you can just skip this step.

  • Turn on any device with a web browser and get it connected to the internet.
  • Using the web browser on the device go to
  • If you ate using a desktop or web browser, you should see the Facebook account registration form by the right side of the screen. If you don’t find the registration tab there, simply tap on the “Sign Up” or “Create Account” button. You should note that you will have to be signed out of any Facebook account that is logged in before you can see the registration form or sign up button.
  • Fill the registration form with all the details that correspond with you and provide your mobile number.
  • Verify your mobile number and follow all the onscreen instructions given to you afterward.

If the steps above are followed accordingly, you would be successfully logged into your new Facebook account.

How To See Someone’s Friend On Facebook If They Are Hidden 2019

Finally, we have gotten to the section of my article where you would learn how to see someone’s Friend on Facebook if they are hidden in 2019.

  • Go to and log in to your Facebook account.
  • Find and open any post or image created by the person you want to view his or her hidden friend’s list
  • Now, located in the URL section which should be at the top of the screen “fbid=” and copy the number after until the “&” sign.
  • In a new tab, seek the URL “[the number you copied earlier]/friends. take note to remove [] in the URL.
  • Finally, tap on the search tab if all is in order.

That is it for How to see someone’s Friend on Facebook if they are hidden 2019. You should be shown a list of all the user friends shortly.