Find My iPhone App – Locate Your Missing iOS Device

That dreadful feeling you get in your chest when you reach in. And then you can’t find your iPhone, that nasty feeling is something that we wish could go away. And it can indeed be resolved if you have more knowledge on how to use the Find my iPhone app. Whether you lost or misplaced your iPhone or you want to find someone else’s iPhone. Apple has given us a better understanding of this particular feature. And its operating system easily allows people to track down or find their missing iPhone.

Find My iPhone App - Locate Your Missing iOS Device

Every iPhone user doesn’t have to be scared if you happen to lose your iPhone device and it all depends on if you are quite fluent in using the Find My iPhone. If you are not, you should stick with me in this article. We will explain a bit more simply how to process to use the app. You can find the Find My app on all IOS such as the iPhone, iPad touch, or Mac.

This app is user-friendly as it also helps you clear your private information. So it won’t fall into the wrong hands in case you can’t keep track of your device. To be able to find your lost device on this app, your device must first and foremost be on and also with internet connectivity. The app installs automatically on every app device to secure and keep the phone safe. The only left is for you to sign in with the Apple ID that you use for your iCloud.

Is the Find My iPhone App Free?

The Find My iPhone app is free to download and with no extra charge fee. Apple has also recently given an update that the Find My iPhone app is now available for free download from the iTunes store worldwide. The App also works with all Apple devices from iPhones, iPods touch, and iPad. Enabling this allows their users to protect their information and data on their devices.

How do I set up “Find My” on My IOS Device?

You will have to log into your Find My iPhone app on your device because you might not know exactly when your phone might get lost. It is also safer for you to locate if you linked your device to your iCloud account. If you want to set up the Find my App on your iPhone and iPad:

  • Launch the Find my iPhone app from any iPhone or iPad
  • Login in with your iCloud ID
  • Tap on the name of the device  you will track
  • Tap on actions at the bottom of the app which are either Play sound, lost mode, or erase.

How Do I Find My Stolen IOS Device with the Find My iPhone?

If you want to find your stolen iPhone or any other device, sign in to You can also use the Find my app on another Apple device that you own. If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch does not appear in the list of devices, then your Find my App was not turned on. You can still protect your account if the Find my was not turned on on the app.

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