Find My Friends on Facebook – How to Find Friends on Facebook

Find My Friends on Facebook – How to Find Friends On Facebook, Facebook, helps you find friends on Facebook, thru their search offers. Facebook is a powerful tool, for finding people, that you have lost contact with, as millions of people check into this platform every day. Once you join Facebook, multiple options to Find Friends on Facebook will be presented to you. If some friends you have are not on Facebook, a personal invitation to join Facebook, and become your friend, can be sent to them. Note; however, some users do not make themselves searchable on Facebook, thus finding them on Facebook may not be possible. Below, we present some methods of finding your friends on Facebook.

Find My Friends on Facebook - How to Find Friends on Facebook

Find Friends on Facebook, Using the Facebook Search Bar

Scroll to the Facebook search bar, which is located at the upper left-hand corner of your homepage. This Facebook search bar is designed to enable you to find a specific person, even if their last name, is not known. The search results depend on the information, you have included in your profile.

  • Enter your friend’s name, into the search bar. Immediately, you start typing, Facebook will automatically start generating results, for the most likely query, depending on your profile information. Friends who are from your own city or country, or who share the same college or workplace, are more likely to be suggested by Facebook. Note; the more details Facebook has about you, the more precise, their search will become.
  • Add a relevant detail. If your friends can’t be found with just their name, add the name of their city, college, workplace, etc. This can help narrow down your results
  • Enter your friend’s email address into the search bar. If your friend’s email address is known, this information can be entered directly into the search bar.

Your friend’s profile will only appear, if the email address you entered in, is the one they have linked to their Facebook account

Add your friends. After you have found the right profile, tap on it, and navigate their profile page to the “Add Friend” tab, toward the top, to send them a friend request.

If this person is a new or long-lost friend or someone whom you haven’t seen for a while, courtesy demands, you send them a message along with your request, to enable them to remember who you are, to avoid them denying the request by mistake.

Find Friends on Facebook, by Importing your Email Contacts into Facebook

  • Tap on the “Find Friends” icon, at the top-right of any Facebook session. As the page refreshes, Facebook will generate a list of “People You May Know”, depending on the information in your profile. You may desire to browse this list for friends you didn’t consider in your original search. This list can also be used if you do not remember someone’s name
  • Scroll to the “Add Personal Contacts” box, which is towards the right-hand side if the screen. The email address, that is currently associated with your account, will be displayed by this box
  • Import your email contacts, by following the directions given by Facebook, to import email contacts from the email address of your choice. The directions vary, based on your email service provider

Browse the friend suggestions given to you by Facebook. Using email addresses and names, imported from your email account, Facebook will search for your friends.

Find Friends on Facebook, by Inviting Friends to Facebook

  • Tap on the “Find Friends” link, which is the tab, located in the upper-right corner of your Facebook session. If the person you are searching for, can’t be found by any of the aforementioned methods, it may be that they don’t have a Facebook account yet. You can use this medium, to invite them to Facebook.
  • Scroll to the “Invite Your Friends” box. This box can be found at the bottom right-hand side of the page, under the “Add Personal Contacts” box. Once here, you can access a search bar, which enables you to enter phone numbers and email address of people, you know, who you would like to invite to Facebook.

Fill in your friend’s number or email into the search box, and Facebook will send them a notification that you have requested their presence on Facebook. If you desire, to invite multiple friends, at once, place a comma after each email address or phone number.

Let them know in person if you are not able to find them on Facebook. Or You don’t have their phone number or email. Asking them in person is a great way of connecting with them. This by suggesting, that you would enjoy keeping in touch with them on Facebook. Now that you know how to find a friend on Facebook. You can go ahead, and find friends, and connect with them.