FB Messenger – Messenger App Download 2021 | Facebook Messenger, The FB messenger download for mobile is amazing and the best. Are you a mobile phone user and wish to receive the messages you have from friends? Then FB messenger app is the app you need. FB messenger is the messaging application for Facebook where your chat with friends is carried out. Messenger is free and easy to download your device App Store.

FB Messenger - Messenger App Download 2021 | Facebook Messenger

FB Messenger download for mobile is the method of downloading or installing Facebook messenger in your mobile phone from the App Store. The Fb Messenger lets you keep n touch with friends, colleagues, and family far and near on the go. It has a web-based version but in addition to that, you can download the app for your mobile phone. It is a Standalone app on its own and free to download.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is also known as “FB chat”. The messenger is the app we use to get in touch with friends, family and loved far and near on Facebook. It is a standalone app, that is to say, to use messenger, users are required to download or install it and sign in using their Facebook login details. With the messenger app, users can do the following;

  • Send multiple messages.
  • Cut the glare with messenger dark mode.
  • Show your friends or family your reaction with a sticker, GIF or emoji.
  • Make group plans by rallying through it.
  • Make a call (video and audio).
  • Record a voice note and send it.
  • Send and receive money easily and securely (within the US, UK, and France only).
  • Chat with up with your favorite business.
  • Compete and play games with friends and family.
  • Bring your phone SMS to Messenger.

Facebook Messenger App – FB messenger app

As I said earlier, the Facebook messenger app is a standalone app on it own and can be downloaded on your mobile for free using the App Store on your device. The app is simple and free to use. It is compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones.

Facebook Messenger App Android

Downloading the app on your Android mobile is simple; to do so, follow the instructions below;

  • Launch your Google Play Store.
  • Scroll through the apps or use the search box at the top and type in Facebook.
  • From the result, tap on the first one on the list to load the information.
  • Tap on Install or Download.
  • Accept the permission required by the app to start downloading.

The app will be downloaded on the Android device and you open it by tapping on “Open” from the download page.

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Facebook Messenger App iPhone

You can download Fb messenger on your iPhone from the App Store. Installing the app to your mobile is free and simple and can be done by following the steps below;

  • Open your App Store and use the search tab.
  • Type Facebook into the search tab.
  • Tap on Facebook at the top of the list to load the information page.
  • Hit on Install.

The app will be downloaded to your iPhone immediately if you have a good data connection.

Download Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite is the lighter version that consumes fewer data and space. The lite version is not yet compatible with the iOS device only Android phones. Although Facebook recently made a launch of Messenger Lite for iOS in Turkey. You can download the lite-on your android phone by following the steps below;

  • Open your Google Play Store and type Messenger Lite on the search.
  • From the result, tap on the first one to load.
  • Tap on download to get the app.

Messenger Lite will be downloaded to your mobile phone immediately if you have a good data connection.