FaceTime – Use FaceTime with your iPhone

Communication has huge improved rapidly over the years now. Now you don’t need to send email to a distant cousin or relationship, even though email communication has also improved. Currently, you can communicate with family and friends in person without being in person through VoIP. VoIP fully known as Voice over Internet Protocol is a way of communicating with people over the internet. Example of VoIP app includes FaceTime, Skype, Google Voice, Google Duo, Viber, and more. Learn more about FaceTime and how to get started with FaceTime.

FaceTime - Use FaceTime with your iPhone

FaceTime is a mobile app for iOS users which is used for communication with friends and family. In other words, FaceTime is a video & audio messaging app where you can video call, and voice chat with family and friends in real-time over the internet. The most common feature on FaceTime includes the video call audio calling feature. You can face time with family and friends across the world with a supported device that includes an Apple device or an Apple to Android phone. However, Face Time serves as an alternative to the use of regular phone calls and poses a fun way of communicating with people.

FaceTime Video Calls

FaceTime video calls are one of the features of the platform where you can video call friends and family in real-time. The video calling feature makes you of the front-facing camera to display your face to the receiver in real-time and vice versa. Usually, you can only use Face Time to call someone using FaceTime on a supported device like an iOS device. But right now, you can use the video messaging app between Apple to Android devices.

FaceTime Audio Calls

Many of us are well familiar with audio calls is, this is like your regular call but with the use of data. The FaceTime audio call supported all iPhone devices. The Face Time Audio is useful to people that don’t have a call plan, instead, you can use your data plan to make the call.

How to Download FaceTime App

You can’t download the FaceTime app because it’s already pre-installed on your device. Meaning it comes with your device, all you just need to do is turn it on if off. Follow this instruction to turn on Face Time:

  • Open your iPhone Settings.
  • Select FaceTime.
  • Select the option Use your Apple ID for Face Time.
  • Sign in Face Time with your Apple ID.

That’s all you need to turn on FaceTime. Once you have set it up, you can start using the video messaging app to start face timing with family and friends online.

How to Make Face Time Call

To make a FaceTime call that includes video and voice calls is simple. The requirement needed includes the person’s phone number or email address. Once you have this, the next option is the following way on how to make a FaceTime call.

  • Open the FaceTime app.
  • Enter the person email address or phone number,
  • Then, select the option either audio call or video call.

That’s all. If you wondering, how can I answer a FaceTime audio call or video call, all you need to do is swipe to answer the call, Plus, if answer a Face Time audio call while you’re on an existing call, you can swipe to any option.

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