Facebook Year in Review Video – Facebook Year in Review

Facebook year in review video was designed by Facebook to give users a preview of how their preview one year on Facebook was like. The video was designed by Facebook mainly to give users the amazing memories they you as a user had during the previous year on Facebook. We will all know that Facebook is a plat where users get to share photos and memories of one another.

Facebook Year in Review Video - Facebook Year in Review

This video is not just created by Facebook alone; you take part in the creation. Facebook also uses this video to thank you as a user for being a part of their platform by creating Facebook Year in Review Video. The video is not long, but it contains all the amazing details you need to see and it is perfect.

Facebook Year Videos

Facebook sends more than one video to you in a year, to show you that they are always there for their users. You would receive videos like Memory videos to mark Facebook Friendship, happy birthday videos and anniversary videos. Most times you have been reminded by Facebook with those events and they are just in at the perfect time.

The year in review video is more like a gift to every user at their complete one year of using Facebook. You can also share these videos with your friends just to show them how they have contributed to your year and more. The video comes with amazing designs and unique features to show you that Facebook really cares. Always try to share your videos with your friends because they are a big part of your Facebook account.

Features of Facebook Year in Review Video

The Facebook year in review video is basically a summary of everything you did in the preview year on Facebook. Below are what to expect in the year in review video:

  • Posts you were tagged in and those you tagged
  • Birthday wishes from friends
  • Amount of comments you got
  • Post with lots of views and comments from your friends
  • The number of likes you had on every content you posted
  • Reactions to post
  • Events you were involved in and celebration organized by you

All these stated above are the content of your review video. You can also access your own year in review video by visiting www.facebook.com/yearinreview.