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Facebook Videos Live – How to Make Facebook Live Video

by admin

Since it was launched in the year 2016, Facebook Videos Live have been able to grow from a fun feature to marketing and promoting feature on the Facebook platform, filled with billions of people. According to the Facebook platform, they currently have over 3 billion live videos and broadcasts that have been created and launched by millions of people on the platform. It is also recorded that over 2 billion people have watched these live videos too. This means that a quarter of the world’s population does come across and watch these broadcasts.

Facebook Videos Live

Socially, engagement is a powerful key. If you get a large amount of engagement, it does not only indicate the amazing response, but it also boosts your contents on Facebook. The thing is, Facebook Videos Live seem to win in this aspect of the engagement. They get more interactions and engagements, as they attract billions of people. You can start up this Facebook live video right from the Facebook app on your mobile phone. This is a marketing and promotional tool that should be used by business owners and marketers.

Create Facebook Live Video

As long as you have got your Facebook account and the Facebook app/website in your device, you can set up and launch your Facebook Videos Live. As you have read, it is a way to promote and enhance the reach and engagement of your business. You can create a video telling people about your brand and the services you have to offer. Let’s find out the steps involved in engaging people in your business through these videos.

  • On your device, launch and open the Facebook app or Facebook website.
  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • On your Facebook homepage, tap on the Status box.
  • From the options, select Live Video.
  • You could add some details of the video if you want to.
  • Tap on Go Live.

You can start passing the message you want to. People will get your live video on their newsfeed. However, you should know that this video cannot last up to four hours. Following these steps above, you can go live and engage people in your business, brand, products, services, profession, and more.

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Facebook Videos Live

The act of launching your live video on Facebook is referred to as “going live”. It actually depends on doing it with your personal Facebook account or your Facebook business page. The way to start and launch a live broadcast is using your mobile phone or computer device since it does not require special processes. You can broadcast anywhere you are, as long as you have your mobile data and an active internet connection.

Using your mobile phone or computer, you can go live on the Facebook site, as you get a large audience of people that get your video. However, you should take note as you will be given options of the audience you want to reach with your video. Since you want a large audience, then you should make it public.

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