Facebook Videos – How to Upload Videos in Facebook | Facebook Watch

Have you heard about this Facebook Videos? They are now trending on the internet now. Well yes, you can watch videos on Facebook. Now the Facebook platform wants to be able to provide users everything, which is why you see today that Facebook is now getting involved with cryptocurrency. What I will be telling you today, is how to upload and watch videos on Facebook for free, so keep on reading.

Facebook Videos

Facebook Videos

Facebook Videos are a part of engagement, fun, and interaction on the platform. Now it gives its users the chance to upload and share videos, just like they share photos. Sharing and uploading videos helps to pass out more information and details than using photos. This also applies to people who want to market their businesses through Facebook. While you are allowed to share these videos, you are also allowed to find them later on. Perhaps, you would want to edit them, repost and re-share to groups are other places. Well, you can get them in the same locations as your photos on Facebook. Whether it is through your business page or personal profile, you will find both photos and videos in the same location.

Apart from uploading videos on the site, you can also watch amazing and fun-filled videos right inside the Facebook app. As long as you have an account, you can either upload your videos or watch videos uploaded by other people. This feature is known as a Facebook watch. Here, you get to watch amazing videos. Here, in my article, I will be referring you to the ways on how to upload your videos or watch other videos.

How to Upload Videos in Facebook

Upload videos on Facebook is a great and effective tool for anyone. Individuals can use it to share their live moments, happy times, activities and more with their friends. It is also helpful to marketers and business owners, as they get to pass out more detailed information about their services through these videos.

For whatever legal purpose that you have, I would be listing out the steps on how to upload your videos. As long as you are an active Facebook user with an account, you can upload your videos straight away. Whether you want to upload on your Facebook page or Facebook timeline, the same steps are involved.

  • Get on your Facebook account.
  • Get to the status box, tap on “Photos/Videos”.
  • You will be directed to your Gallery.
  • Select your preferred video you would want to upload to Facebook.
  • Tap on Share or Post.

The video will be uploaded to your Facebook timeline, as other users get to view and watch your videos.

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Facebook Watch

The Facebook watch gives you the chance to watch videos from others. In this watch section, you get to find lots of amazing videos just for your convenience and entertainment. You could even search for videos right on the watch. Here’s how to get exclusive Videos.

  • Get on your Facebook account.
  • On your Facebook homepage, tap on the Watch tab.
  • Here, you will find a list of videos uploaded by other Facebook friends. Click to watch any video of your choice.
  • You can also search for videos through the search bar at the top of the homepage.

Following the above-listed steps, you can enjoy the moment of Facebook Videos. It could be from you or from others. This feature has really served as a huge form of interaction for you and your friends. You can now enjoy!