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Home TECH Facebook Video Calling – Facebook Video Calling App

Facebook Video Calling – Facebook Video Calling App

by admin

Facebook Video Calling is one of the interesting features on Facebook Messenger. Where users can have a face to face conversations with each other. You must have the Facebook messenger app on your phone for you to have access to do video call with your family and friends. Whereas Facebook Video Calling is available on Android and other IOS devices, and also a desktop version of Facebook messenger.

Facebook Video Calling - Facebook Video Calling App

You can also access the video call in a group chat. Where 3 to more people can connect together to talk together via video call. It connects people all around the globe no matter where you are. However, anyone on your friend list can automatically access you on the video call

How to Get Started With Facebook Video Calling on Messenger

For you to get started with a video call via Facebook Messenger, you have to have the latest version of a Facebook messenger. Then you can start a new conversation with someone or continue with an existing group conversation. For group chat video call you can just tap on the video icon on the upper right of the screen to start the video call and everyone available on the group will be notified. Each member can join when they are ready with just a tap

How Can I Video Call On Facebook Messenger

Before you can be able to video call on Facebook messenger. You must have downloaded the app from any available platform and also you need a mobile internet to connect.

  • Open your Facebook messenger app
  • Locate the friend you wish to talk to
  • Click the video icon at the top right of your phone screen.

 Your call will be connected instantly; however, it strictly connected to people who are using Facebook messenger only and you can also turn a voice call into a video call by just tapping the video button on the call screen.

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