It is no doubt that the social media giant Facebook has the most users across the globe. Facebook is a popular media platform that people have been using to communicate and exchange information across the world. People use different apps and browsers to access the Facebook Platform. You might be very familiar with the Facebook app but have you heard about the Facebook touch? Have you used Facebook touch before? I know you might be wondering what this Facebook touch is. Well, as you are here, you won’t get disappointed because you’ll get to know what Fb touch is.

Facebook Touch - Download Facebook Touch on Your Android Device | Facebook Login Touch

To start with, Facebook touch is an extended version of the popular social media giant Facebook. is a sophisticated version of Facebook and it comprises of more features.  As the name implies, it is an app that is especially for touchscreen. This version of Facebook was majorly created for users who use touchscreen smartphones. This version of Facebook simply works like the normal Facebook which allows everyone to view profiles, comment on posts, interact with other Facebook users, view images they have posted as well as socialize with many people present on the internet. If your normal Facebook app runs slowly or your internet connection is poor, then this dynamic version of Facebook is for you.

How Facebook Touch Works

Just as I have said, the Facebook touch works like the normal Facebook but it has an advantage above it in graphics and user-friendly interface. It is really an alternative to the Facebook app. This version of Facebook is one of the best Facebook applications. Its newsfeed comprises both the recent and top news which is similar to the full version of Facebook. Below are some of its features;

  • It is more dynamic and an updated version of Facebook.
  • It allows you easily access groups and lists which are available on its website.
  • Apart from touchscreen phones, you can also use Facebook touch on desktops.
  • You can access this version of Facebook on all prominent browsers like opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer, and safari.
  • It works on all versions of mobile that is, android and IOS devices. But ensure you get updated to its latest version as the older version might be prone to several bugs and threats.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and it attracts Facebook users to this dynamic version of Facebook.
  •  It allows you to access unlimited posts and images as it offers a fast interface that houses the scroll in version. In other words, you don’t have to click on the next page every time and you just have to keep scrolling down to access unlimited posts.
  • It has a very amazing chat feature and has a large window that allows you to know who is online and offline on Facebook.


  • It is being criticized for being an old version. It was launched in 2009 during the era when smartphones were introduced.
  • Unlike normal Facebook, the Facebook touch does not enclose SSL encryption, making it easier for hackers to prey around the world.
  • It lacks some basic features such as security and blocking of adult contents.

Differences Between Facebook Touch and Normal Facebook.

A lot of Facebook users do want to know the differences between the normal Facebook and Facebook touch. So, in this section we’ll be telling you their differences.

  • When you log in to the normal Facebook its URL is  But whenever you open Facebook login touch your mobile device, you will see URL on your screen.
  • The normal Facebook app is designed for low-quality pictures, fewer data, and a limited number of displays.  While Facebook mtouch is designed for high-quality displays and images.
  • A lot of people believe that Fb touch is majorly for touch screen smartphones with a strong operating system. While normal Facebook is a simple version of the site with less powerful mobile browsers for older smartphones.

How to Download Facebook Touch on Your Android Device

  • Launch a web browser on your mobile device.
  • Type download touch Facebook.
  • You will see a lot of pages that offer you download options for downloading Fb touch on your android device.
  • Locate the best Apk file and download the amazing version of Facebook for browsing high-quality images and better user experience.

In conclusion, Fb touch for primarily designed for using the popular social media giant website on touchscreen smartphones. You can also use the Facebook touch URL above to login to Facebook touch.