Facebook today or Facebook news today as most people know it to be, is an in-built app on the Facebook platform where you get updates on the latest happenings, news, and updates in Singapore, Southeast Asia and many other parts of the globe, news about food reviews, travel news, entertainment, etc. You will be notified for breaking news alerts and also get to read unlimited news article. Facebook news today is only compatible with IOS mobile devices. The app also has an age restriction (17years above). If you want to use the Facebook news today, you must have an account on the Facebook platform.

Facebook Today - Facebook News Today Feature

What is Facebook?

Facebook is an American social networking outlet owned and invented by Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook platform lets you to share and connect with family and friends from across the globe and also make and meet new friends. You also get latest news update on platform for free. Share photos and videos with friends on your Facebook timeline. You can post comments and links on other users’ timeline or on your newsfeed. With the Facebook platform, you can watch motivational, fun, lovely and exciting videos for free. Play games and also compete with friends on the Facebook gameroom app. Signing up for a Facebook account is very simple and free.

How to Sign Up For a Facebook Account

Signing up for a Facebook account is very quick and simple. There are no surveys. Facebook is user friendly, so even the less technical minded people can create a Facebook account and be on the platform with paying anything. Follow the steps below to sign up;

  • Go to Facebook website at www.facebook.com or launch the Facebook mobile app on your device, on the sign up form, fill in your surname, first name, mobile number or the email address you’d like to use and create a new password on the text boxes provided.
  • Then choose your date of birth and indicate by clicking on the gender.
  • Click on “Sign up”.

Wait for a confirmation mail to be sent our email address or a confirm code to be texted to your mobile number. Verify your new Facebook account by clicking on the link mailed or enter the code sent on the text field displayed on the Facebook page.

Facebook Log in

You can also log in to use the Facebook news today if you’ve already gotten an account. follow the instruction below;

  • Proceed to www.facebook.com or you can use the Facebook mobile on your device.
  • Enter your Facebook account login details on the text field provided such as your email address or your mobile number and your password. Then hit Log in.

If the Facebook account details are right, you will be logged in to your Facebook and the Facebook account will be loaded on the device.

How to Use the Facebook News Today

News today is already on your Facebook all you need to do is to find it and use. Follow the steps below;

  • Log in to your Facebook account on your IOS device.
  • Use the search field to type “Today”.
  • Once you find it, click on use app.
  • You will be directed to your Apple store. Click on download to get the app.

That’s all you need to do to use the Facebook today feature.