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Facebook Tagging Ability – Facebook Tools

by admin

When it comes to Facebook tagging ability, what do you really know? I know many of you out there, if possible, reading this article in one way or the other you may have made use of the Facebook tagging feature. Facebook tagging ability is more like a feature on Facebook that allows users when posting on the platform. Tagging is also sharing, making some to see your post quickly before any other person will. You can use the Facebook tagging when you post a photo that involves some of your friends you can use the tagging features to share the post with him or her. What I am trying to say is that Facebook tagging ability is an unlimited feature. You can tag more friends as you want 50, 60, 70, even 100 Facebook allows it. Facebook allows its users to post as many photos that he or she want to post and as well as tag them.

Facebook Tagging Ability - Facebook Tools

Facebook Tagging

I have been talking about Facebook tagging ability and also tagging in the paragraph above. But I am still going to talk more about Facebook tagging. Tagging someone on Facebook is like creating a link on their profile. When you tag someone on Facebook, that particular photo will be added to that person’s timeline. You can also tag someone on a status update and when anyone sees the post and click on it. That post can be also added to his or her timeline too. Is not only can tag friends but others too. Others can tag your Facebook page that is when you allow them to tag your page. If I may ask how you can allow someone to tag your Facebook page. Here is what you will need to do it.

How to Allow Someone to Tag Your Facebook Page

Let I have said, allowing other users to tag your Facebook page helps your facebook account. This is how you can set your Facebook page to allow others to tag it.

  • To start with you have to go to your page and click on the settings button at the top of the page.
  • In general, click “tagging ability” and click the small box on it to allow others to tag your page.
  • Lastly, you can now click save change button to make it be permanent.

That is all about letting others tag your facebook page.

How Can I Create My Facebook Account?

I am not going to talk must on creating a facebook account. You can easily create the account yourself if you enter their website. Having a Facebook account makes you be part of a member of facebook and here is the Facebook website Follow all the steps and provide all the information’s that is required of you on the page.

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