Facebook Staying Safe – Staying Safe Online on Facebook

As of today, Facebook has left other social networking hanging on the rope being the number one social media networking site on the internet. The platform is the biggest way to connect with people including friends, family, community and other important people. On the giant platform has mark out features know as Staying Safe on Facebook in other to protect users from any form of assault exposure to vulnerable things. The Facebook Staying Safe is actually a safety tool for the global community which is used to keep your account secure and your privacy protected.

Facebook Staying Safe - Staying Safe Online

However, staying safe features is one of the best security measures to protect, you, your information and other security credentials. Recently there have been reports of many online scammers on the internet hijacking people account with fake people. Moreover, Facebook Staying safe has many areas of protection not only on accounts but also on abuse resources, crisis response info for law enforcement and lots of others. Therefore, we will deliberate on Facebook Staying safe features below.

Facebook Staying Safe – List of Safety Features Available on Facebook

On the contrary, we have five safety features provided by Facebook for you to stay safe and secure while using the platform. Most of the features are mention above and here is the art each feature plays on users itself.

Abuse Resources

Facebook offers zero tolerance with any form of irrelevant behaviors which can out a life of a user’s or people in danger. Despite if an organization or someone is creating or advocating real-world violence bullying other people. With the term of the community standard, people are meant to oblige on what type of sharing is allowed.

Crisis Response

Facebook integrated the crisis response to help support millions of people during a disaster event. Whereby you can mark yourself safe during a natural or man-made disaster. Even you can request provided to the affected country.

Safety Resources for Parents

Are you afraid of how your children are always spending much of his/her time communicating with strangers? Despite the age difference of your child, you can go through the privacy shortcut or the account setting in other to make a selection that will be comfortable for you both.

In addition, we also have Info for Law Enforcement which provides law enforcement and legal professional by Facebook in other to investigate a civil criminal matter.

Facebook Staying Safe – How to Stay Safe on Facebook with Safety Resources Available

Have you read through the following contents and you’re considering you want to secure yourself and family on Facebook? Here are the few tips you need to so as for you to be secure on Facebook.

  • Learn how to use the Facebook account setting and privacy shortcut to feel secure while connecting and sharing with others.
  • You need to know how to recognize sensitive content and behavior and you can report such to Facebook.
  • Also, ensure you don’t forget the simple’s rules on how to stay safe online: Remember these simple rules about staying safe online:
  • Never share your password.
  • Think before you post.
  • Adjust your privacy settings and review them often.
  • Only accept friend requests from people you know personally.
  • Report things that look suspicious.

In addition, there are several resources that you can also use to stay safe on the internet including Facebook Bullying Prevention HB, A Thin Line, Childnet International, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) and many others.