Facebook sound collection consists of tracks from established composers and songwriters and a range of sound effects. It is a repository of thousands of high-quality audio tracks and sound effects that belongs to Facebook. So, we are not troubled with copyrights or paying artists, as Facebook as taken care of it. Discover a mix of songs, noises, vocals, and instrumental tracks, enjoy genres like hip hop, jazz, country, and lots more. There are also options to follow the artists behind the tracks and browse through music that is based on genre, mood, length, and vocals that suits your videos. The right music for your video not only boosts the engagements but also builds a relationship of your brand with viewers.

Facebook Sound Collection : Facebook Sound Library | Facebook Sound Notification

Facebook can decide to take down videos that’s are a violation of the copyrights, so be careful of the kind of songs you use for your videos. Facebook sound collection aim is to spice up user’s videos using high-quality audio tracks and sound effects across the world. The sounds are usually free and available on any videos you make. With the Facebook sound collection, you would be able to use tools that will help learn about different artists, you would be able to follow the artist you like. Facebook sound collection is a great avenue for creators to organically engage and connect with viewers by adding up music on visual content.

How to use the Facebook sound collection

Fb Sound Collection is only accessible from your computer. You can always add, mix, and edit your downloaded tracks into the videos. You have created then you can share on Facebook. Remember not to infringe on other’s copyright if you are using other sources and posting on Facebook. To use the Facebook sound collection, do the following.

  • Login to your Facebook
  • Go to www.facebook.com/sound/collection
  • Explore and browse the collection.
  • Search by keyword.
  • Then filter by genre, mood, length, vocals, and more.
  • Listen to different tracks and sound effects by pressing the play button.
  • Roll over an artist’s name to learn more about them or follow them.
  • Click on Download to download a track.

You can rollover an artist’s name to learn more about them and follow them, and also listen to different tracks and sound effects by pressing the play button. However, note that you will need to use your video creation software to add your preferred music and also add sounds to your videos.