It is quite marvelous, how you can turn Facebook into an online store. Facebook selling page is a page that can be created by any Facebook user and turned into a market place. It is really amazing what you can do with this kind of page. It would have been more outstanding if Facebook added a way to pay right from the store. Although not all Facebook stores can be trusted because of scammers. In fact, not all online stores can be trusted. You can create your own online store from the comfort of your home using your Facebook account.

Facebook Selling Page - Facebook Page for Selling Items

Facebook Account

A Facebook account is one of the basic necessitate that is required to begin. Of course, as the name implies “Facebook selling page” you would know that Facebook is involved. One funny thing about Facebook stores is that you cannot buy or sell on Facebook except you have a Facebook account. To open a Facebook account is totally free, fast and reliable. To create a reliable Facebook account,

  • Open any of the Facebook apps on your device or progress to
  • Now, if you are using a mobile device, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the signup link. If you are using a PC or any big device, scroll down to find the signup form.
  • Fill the signup form with all the necessary information hit the sign up link again.
  • Wait for the information to be fully processed and you would be asked to verify your identity by proving ownership over the Gmail address or mobile number you entered.

After verification, walk through the Facebook set up steps to finish your account sign up. After successfully creating a Facebook account, you need to create a Facebook page you can sell on.

How to Create a Facebook Page and Store

Creating a Facebook page is really easy, to begin,

  • Log in to your Facebook account if you haven’t.
  • Click on pages if you use any mobile device. If you are using a Pc hit the create tab and select pages. On the pages page for mobile devices, click “create new”.
  • Choose the type of page you want to create. Proceed by adding your desired page name and category.

Add a profile picture if you choose a business page and in a few seconds, your Facebook page would be live.

How to Add a Store to Your Facebook Page

This can be done easily, to start

  • Open your Facebook page and click on settings from the upper right corner. You can only see this if “templates and tabs” from the settings page.
  • Scroll down and find the shop tab, when you do, click settings beside it.
  • Slide the “show tab” option under it to on. Proceed further by clicking “save”.
  • Choose a template for your store and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your store set up.

After setting up your store, you can start adding your products by clicking the shop tab from your facebook page.