Facebook Selling Page – Selling on Facebook

If you wish to sell through Facebook as a business, you would need to create Facebook selling page. Create Facebook selling page simply means creating a page on the platform for your page. Facebook platform is a great platform to buy and sell and also earn extra income to your pockets. Facebook selling page is a business page you create on the platform to market your items and products. Business pages are free and easy to create if you have a Facebook log in access.

Facebook Selling Page - Facebook Selling Items

Facebook offers their users a better experience of selling by providing the Buy and sell pages and groups and also the Marketplace app where you can also buy and sell from the comfort of your home. You would need to have a profile on the platform first or you can simply sign up for a new account before you can create Facebook selling page. The page you create would be linked to your personal Facebook account. You can create a selling page using your mobile phone or a desktop.


Facebook is a social networking media where registered users can post communicate, connect and share. You can also post comments, post your photographs and videos to share with friends or public. The feature has very great features including:

  • A games forum: A place loaded with fun and addictive games for you to play alone or play and compete with friends.
  • Groups/ Pages: There are so many groups you can join and connect with different people based on what you want and you can also create a group of your own. You can create pages for yourself and your business.
  • Marketplace App: Where you can discover, buy and sell from the comfort of your home.
  • Stream videos and also upload yours.
  • Facebook Watch: You can stream you favorite TV series, comedy, Sport News, Movies and many more.

The platform is free and has a very user friendly interface that allows you both the less technical minded people to use and understand the platform.

How to access the Selling page

To access the page feature, you need to have an access. If you do not have one you can simply sign up for one or you can log in if you already have. Follow the guidelines below to create:

  • Install and launch the Facebook mobile or open your browser and go to www.facebook.com
  • Fill in your first name, surname.
  • Select the date you were born from the options there.
  • Sign up with your phone number or email address.
  • Choose your gender and create a strong yet simple password for the account.
  • Hit on Sign up to register for the profile.

The account would be created and you would be sent a confirmation email or text. Verify the account either text or mail.

Login on Facebook

If you already have a profile on the platform you can simply log in to your account using the app or website. Follow the steps to log in:

  • Open the app or access your browser and type in www.facebook.com
  • Enter the log in details (phone number or email address and password).
  • Hit on Log in.

The account would be loaded on the device if the details are right.

Creating a Facebook selling page

Creating a Facebook selling page is very simple and doesn’t cost you anything to create one. You can create as many pages as you want. Follow the instructions below create Facebook selling page:

  • Go to your Facebook Newsfeed, hit on Pages.
  • Then tap on “Create”.
  • Type in a page name that reflects on what you want to do on it.
  • Choose the Category of the page.
  • Hit on Continue to create.

The page would be created. Invite your friends and customers to like your newly created business page. Upload a cover and profile photo.