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Facebook Security Settings – Facebook Security And Login | www.Facebook.com

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Have you been looking at how you can secure your Facebook account from hackers or friends?  you know that they have been so many cases of people hacking another user’s Facebook account without knowing, thinking that Facebook has blocked their accounts. To protect your Facebook account from these people, you have to make use of your Facebook security and login feature. You can make use of Facebook security and login. These help you to protect your account from people how can hack your account without you knowing about it.

Facebook Security and Login - www.Facebook.com

We all know Facebook to be a social media platform used to communicate with friends and families. And also, people that are not in your country, that you do not have ideal if they exist in the world. That is why you have to protect your information’s and your account from those kinds of things. And also, you can join a lot of groups and add a lot of friends on Facebook. Facebook is a platform which you can use for advertising propose and to share photos, videos, make video and voice calls and play lots of amazing games too.

How to Access Security and Login on Facebook?

For you want to protect your account from hackers or friends, you can set up your account security and login setting. The guidelines below will show you how you can set up your security and login settings.

  • Right on the home page of your Facebook account.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow or the menu icon at the top corner of your screen.
  • Scroll down and click settings or look at the left corner of your screen.
  • And click security and log in.
  • Then click on the edit icon at the front of the “use two-factor authentication” button.
  • And click on the get started but first, you have to read the notes there.
  • Then you can choose any options there on the other page.
  • And hit next and enter the six {6} digit code that will be sent to you inside the box and click next.

You have to wait for at least two {2} minus to get the code. do you know what the security and login do? I think no, the security and log in help to inform you if someone log attends logging in your account with another device. So, Facebook will ask you if you are the one who is trying to log in the account and they will ask you or the person to access the code used to set up the security and login on your account.

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