Lots of times, we feel like our privacy is been intruded on, but do you know you can feel safe on Facebook? Facebook Security Settings are the settings in your account that enable you to customize or personalize your account. But most times users enjoy the fun of using the platform and then forget about their settings. While using Facebook, it is necessary to secure our privacy in other to use the platform freely. Here is why I said so, most accounts are been tampered with by unauthorized users. So to avoid that, you need to know how to set your security settings for the account.

Facebook Security Settings - Facebook Security and Login Settings | Facebook Security Settings 2022

Facebook has arranged a couple of settings for the user account. There are different security settings for the account. If you wish to change your Facebook security settings, then read on, as I will be showing you how to customize your settings.

Facebook Settings Page

When we talk about the Facebook security page, it means the page where you can find all the security/ privacy settings that you need. They are categorized. Your account security page is easy to access and you access it by tapping on the menu on your page, and then locate settings. The security page includes the following;

  • General: This page is changing your name, email address or password.
  • Security and Login: You can equally change your password from this page, turn on/off alerts and approvals that helps to secure the account.
  • Privacy: From this page, you can adjust who sees your stuff and also who can add you up.
  • Timeline and Tagging: Set up who can see your timeline and manage toy tagging in your posts.
  • Blocking: Section for the people and items you block from reaching you.
  • Language: Manage the language you which to use on the platform.
  • Facial Recognition: Turn on/off your facial recognition feature.

From this security page, you can choose the setting you want for the account.

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Facebook Privacy Settings 2019

Facebook has issues when it comes to protecting your information, so you have to do that yourself. Your privacy settings is where you can change or adjust who can see your post and who to send you a request. Accessing your privacy settings is simple. In other to access it, logging into your account is mandatory. To access your privacy setting, follow the steps below;

  • From your Newsfeed, tap on the menu.
  • From the list that will be displayed, hit on “Settings”, then “Privacy”.

Once you access it, the next step is adjusting the Privacy settings. On the list you will find; Your Activity and “How People Find and Contact You”.

Below Your Activity, you would find;

Who can see your future posts?

To edit this privacy setting, all you have to do is hit on “Edit” and then customize. You can choose to share with Friends or Friends of Friends or set up a custom group for who you want to share with.

Review all your posts and things you’re tagged in

You know most times people tag you on posts that are annoying, well from your activity log you can select the Posts you’re tagged in to see the posts you’re tagged in. You can untag yourself if you don’t like the post from there.

Limit Audience for posts you’ve shared with Friends of Friends or Public

Note: once you limit your posts, all your posts will be reverting back to Friends. But that doesn’t stop friends of tagged friends from seeing the post.

Below How People Find and Contact You;

Who can send you Friend Request?

Facebook makes this setting to “Everybody” by default, but you can change it to Friends of Friends as it’s the only alternative.

Who can see your Friends List?

By default, it is made “Public”. You can change it to “Only Me”.

Who can look you up using the email address you provided?

If your account email is made public, anyone who has it can look you up with it. You can restrict this setting to Friends only or Friends of Friends.

Who can look at you using the phone number you provided?

Well, it goes the same as your email address.

Do you want other search engines to link to your Timeline?

Facebook only permits the information you mark as “Public” to be shown on search engines. In a way that your friends who aren’t using Facebook can find you.


To make your Facebook secured and safe for your use, you are to set your security settings accordingly. Setting up your security and privacy settings on your account is very simple and fast. Make sure to use a strong but yet simple password that can’t be easily guessed.