If you are a member of the Facebook platform, then I think you should have the thought to consider the Facebook security feature, as Facebook security is one important fact to take note of. With several different reports and stories of companies being hacked, personal details being stolen, as well as identities being stolen, you may begin to wonder if this Facebook platform, is one safe platform you should actually engage in.

Facebook Security - Facebook Account Settings

Well, it would interest you to know that Facebook is safe and secure for you. There is in-built security that protects you and your every information that is provided on Facebook. The first level of security on Facebook is known as the secure socket layer. This is the security that helps to keep your data and other credentials safe.

How to Use Facebook Security – Keep Your Facebook Account Safe

There are several different ways through which you can make use of Facebook security. And Facebook security is a measure through which you can keep your Facebook account safe and secure. Now, the question is, what can I do to keep my Facebook account safe? The Facebook security system has brought out ways to keep your account safe, it is left for you to make use of these measures. Here are a few things that can keep your account safe.

Keep Your Password Safe

  • Do not make use of your Facebook password in any other site, and do not share it out.
  • Your password should be one that is hard to find out.
  • Create a strong password.

You Should Never Share Out Your Personal Details

  • Scams may create and set up malicious websites and links. Be careful on the sites you enter your Facebook login details.
  • Always make sure you cross check every link before logging in.
  • Do not forward your information or emails from Facebook to other people.

Log Out of Your Facebook Account When You Are Done

  • You have to always log out of your Facebook account once you are done with your activities.

Stay Away from Suspicious Links and Software

  • Suspicious links and software can cause harm to your device or server.

These are ways through which you can make use of the Facebook security feature and keep your account safe. You can also proceed to adjust your privacy settings on Facebook.

You can simply do this by visiting the settings on your Facebook account, from here, you can adjust your security and privacy settings for your Facebook account.