Facebook Search Messages – Facebook Messenger Search Messages | Messages on Facebook

“Facebook search messages” is a feature on Facebook on the Facebook messenger that helps you easily find a conversation in a chat. The Facebook search messages help users find particular messages between you and someone. Like I said earlier on, this feature can only be accessible to those using Facebook messenger or the Facebook messenger lite. If you use a PC, you would have to use the web version of Facebook messenger.

Open Facebook Account New

Opening a new Facebook account can seem very challenging for most people because they don’t know the right steps to take. I can tell you from my experience of being a blogger that opening a Facebook account is very easy. All the requirements you need to open a Facebook account is a mobile number or an electronic mail account. If you meet the requirements by owning a mobile number or an email account, then follow the steps below;

  • Open your favorite web browser on your current device.
  • When the browser finally opens, proceed to www.facebook.com.
  • If you are logged in to a Facebook account, kindly log out and continue. Locate the “Sign up” button and click on it. You might have to scroll down to find the button.
  • You would be directed to another page. On that page, enter all the details required including your mobile number or email address.
  • After entering the details, hit the sign up link at the bottom of the page again.

Simply walk through the rest Facebook steps to complete your Facebook account set up. Note that this would require you to add some friends.

How to Find Old Messages on Facebook Messenger

Using the Facebook search, you can easily search for messages you received or sent to a particular person. This algorithm uses the keyword search algorithm of Google. The only difference is that the Google search result is based on the entire Google but the Facebook search messages search only your conversation with that person.

Search for a Conversation on Facebook Messenger

Do you know how to search for a conversation on messenger? If you already know this, you shouldn’t read this article as it may be a waste of time. Follow the steps below to search for a message or conversation on Facebook chat.

  • Make sure you have Facebook Messenger installed on your device and launch it.
  • After launching, log in using your Facebook account details.
  • Immediately messenger is opened, hit the conversation you want to search from. This should be the name of the person you want to search for your conversations.
  • Hit the “I” icon on the top right corner of the conversation.
  • Scroll down on the new page and click “Search in Conversation”.
  • On the new page, enter the search term and click “Search”.

That’s how you could search a conversation between you and someone.