What is Facebook recovery code? Have you thought of facebook recovery code before or are you confused by the term? The above term that you all are seeing here in this article is something that you will find interesting. I am not going to be saying much about the facebook recovery code but with the help of the subtitle that I am going to provide you with you will know what facebook recovery code is.

Facebook Recovery Code - Facebook Recovery Code Email

Facebook Recovery Account

There have been so many things about facebook account, that so many Facebook users lost their facebook account in one way or the other. Well, I am here to tell you what facebook recovery account is, facebook recovery account is getting your Facebook account back if you lost it or forget your facebook password. To recovery your facebook account, you just have to click on the forget password tab and you will be asked to provide some information before you can recover your Facebook account.

Facebook Recovery Page

I am so glad that you made it to this section, here I want to tell you the recovery page. If you don’t know the facebook recovery page, I am going to show it to you so that you can also show it to others. The facebook recovery page is located on the settings page when you go to your settings on your Facebook account. Then you click on security and login, after that, a new page will appear. Then scroll down and click “use two-factor authentication” there you will find the recovery page. The page is the new page that will display on your screen after clicking the use of two-factor authentication.

How to Get Facebook Recovery Code?

If you are looking at how you can get recovery code on facebook, here are the steps to follow. Below you will find the guidelines on how you can get your recovery code on facebook.

  • Log in your Facebook account and tap the menu or drop-down icon at the top of the Facebook homepage by your right.
  • Click settings below and click the security and login tab at the left-hand side of the screen after clicking the settings tab that is for desktop users. While Facebook mobile app users, you have to scroll down after accessing the settings tab.
  • Move down again and you will find an option with “use two-factor authentication” click on it and click get started.
  • You have to enter your password before you can proceed.
  • Choose your option and click next.

Follow the steps on the page to complete your request and you will surely get your facebook recovery code as soon you are through with the steps.