Facebook other tagging this page is a feature that Facebook introduced not quite long. So many have been requesting for the facebook other tagging this page feature to enable other users on facebook to tag their Facebook account. There are different ways of tagging on Facebook, just like you tagging someone on a photo or status that is related to him or her.

Facebook Other Tagging This Page - Facebook Tagging

As a facebook user, it is good to tag people or friends on a particular photo or status because the more you tag it helps build up your Facebook account. know these, that anything you do on facebook helps your account like posting photos, liking other users’ photos or status, joining or groups and page, and even creating groups and pages on facebook. Not only did all of the things that I have listed here but some other things too. Facebook other tagging the page, is also known as other users tagging your page on facebook.

Reason to Tag Others and Your Facebook Page

You can also stop other users on facebook from not tagging your tag if you don’t want them to tag your Facebook page anymore. But it is good to allow other users to tag your page because it looks like creating a link or mark on facebook. like I said that it helps strengthen and boost up your facebook account most especially if you are a business owner and you have a business page on facebook.

When you tag someone on any post you made and the person views the post, that post will automatically be on that person’s timeline. Another thing is that if the person that you tag to view the post and someone on that person friend list sees the post and he or she clicks on it, the post that you tag to your friend will also appear on the timeline of that person that is on your friend list that clicks the post, that is how it is.

How Can You Allow Others to Tag Your Facebook Page?

This is how you can allow other facebook users or friends to tag your page on facebook. It is very easy and simple, what you will do is that;

  • You log into your Facebook account and go to your page on facebook with the page button at the left hand of your screen when you look down.
  • After which you have to click the settings at the top of the screen right on your page.
  • Look down you will see an option with “others tagging this page” click on it.
  • Then click on the little box you see inside it and tap “save change” which means you have allowed others to tag your page.

These are the steps that will direct you on how you can allow other users to tag your Facebook page. know these, that if you do not have a Facebook account, that you can’t access the platform not even allowing others to tag your page. So, it is very necessary to create a Facebook account, you can visit this website for it www.facebook.com and you can start creating your account on Facebook.