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Facebook Online Store – Set Up Facebook Shopping Store Online | Facebook Store, When it comes to running a business in the world we live in today, users have to ensure they use the internet. With the internet business owners can always promote their business products online via websites or social media’s. Well, one of the upcoming and easy ones to use for this kind of service is, Facebook shop.

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A Facebook shop is a free Facebook service that users can use to showcase and sell business products to potential customers. These potential customers are users that own a Facebook account and comes across the products on the sellers Facebook page. The amazing things about adding a shop to Facebook page is that it is totally free to utilize.

Facebook Shop Page – Facebook Online Store Uses

This amazing free Facebook service offers Facebook users with interest in buying and selling on Facebook opportunities to do so. This is due to the wonderful things a user can do with a Facebook shop page. Users get to put up as many products as they want on the shop to sell on Facebook.There’s no limit to how many products users can add to their shop on Facebook.

There’s a wonderful tool that is available on the Fb shop that users can use to customize their product lists. Users can use this tool to organize their products listings in different categories. These categories will have names clarifying what products are on them for customers to easily locate things on the shop.

Owning a shop on Facebook page allows users to showcase their products and watch their products ad stats as well. While doing this, users will be able to communicate with customers on their shop by replying the form them. Well, these are basically some benefits of the free Facebook store services.

How To Create Facebook Online Store

As we all know from the features above users can sell their items on Facebook app or Facebook.com website. This way users can practice Facebook marketing in a very standard and lucrative way. Well, first things first users need to own a Facebook page to be able to own a shop on Facebook. With a Facebook page in place, Facebook account owners can create a shop on their Facebook page with the steps below.

  1. Connect your computer or mobile device to an anactive internet connection.
  2. Launch the device’s web browser.
  3. Open the Facebook.com website on the web browser.
  4. Complete the Facebook login process.
  5. Open the Facebook page on your Facebook account.
  6. Click on settings
  7. Enter the edit page.
  8. Scroll down and click on “Add a tab”.
  9. Click on Shop to add it to your Facebook page.

Immediately after the above steps, the user will add a Shop section to their Facebook page. After that, users will have to set up their Fb shop to be able to add products and reach out to things first. When a user does this, they will begin receiving messages from customers on their about their products on Facebook.